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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

We bid you Adieu
By Christ Michael with S333 thru Hazel
Apr 30, 2010 - 2:41:25 PM

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We bid you Adieu-
Christ Michael and S333


We bid you Adieu- Message to the Dark ones.

Can you begin to imagine the place that lies below you, your new abode? No more luxuries or comforts and in some cases what you consider necessities. The high life you have lived at the expense of others will soon be replaced with a more apt fate. You will experience a low life which is more suitable to your inherent nature.

Your days of trifling with those of the light are over. Your fate has now been sealed, at your hands. You have lived with the thought that we your higher brethren of the light have toyed with you and bluffed. You refuse to believe that we would follow through with our promises. Well you are about to discover how wrong you have been in your false assumptions and erroneous beliefs. You wish and will us away, but sadly you hold no power to do so.

Do you think that we have been playing hide and seek? We can assure you that we are right amongst you. Can you see us? Well of course not for it takes the light to see the light and you have not yet found your light. You are the ones who play hide and seek with yourselves. Your light is so well hidden that you can no longer remember the path back to it. Instead you have created artificial dazzlers and manufactured a path which you think leads to true wealth when in fact you are bathed in the darkness of the void you inhabit. You think that your crowning glory is your worldly treasures and status which you grasp on to. In fact your crown is a laurel weaved with decadence, darkness, depravaity, delusions and dogmatic codes.

I offered to rescue you from the depths of the hell you created but you refused to take my hand. Now the time has come when the hand has been withdrawn. Instead, now I reach down to save my children of the light who are deserving of my full attention.

You have done yourselves no favours but have instead condemned yourselves to another lifetime in a similar or lower dimension where you will be stripped of the tools you have used to destroy mother earth and my innocent children.

I wish to paint for you a picture so that you can visualise with clarity what your new home is going to be like. This is what you have to look forward to:

An expansive desert-like arena paved in arid and parched sand with scarcely any natural vegetation, littered by thorny, angry cactus-like plants. Your work will be well cut out for you as you will have to search for that oasis to feed your thirst. You see the oases are well hidden. The tracks are by no means clear and you will have no signs to guide you. The journey promises to be long and arduous. You will learn what it is like to be at the mercy of nature just as nature is currently at your mercy (which by the way is non existent or feigned).

Yes beloveds you too are my children and I have offered you the hand of mercy and forgiveness but you have shunned my love. Now you must start afresh that you may earn your way back into my grace.

Now back to the description of your new home. No more than a hovel really. You will have the bare minimum just to keep you alive that you may continue your experience. There is the possibility that in your sojourn you may be offered from time to time a helping hand. You will however first need to have the sense to discern when it is given to you. Something you are not currently good at.

There will be many who will try to do to you that which you have wrought on my children now on earth. You will have a taste of your own medicine and see how you like it. Your new experiences will teach you lessons of compassion and humility but most of all you will be taught what love truly is. All of these are currently absent from your ways of thinking and behaviour. My only hope is that you will learn the lessons.

You see beloved children who have chosen the path of darkness; I am coming back for my baby, Mother Earth or Gaia as we in the celestial realm call her. I am coming to claim that which is mine and sadly you have chosen to exclude yourselves from my flock. I can no longer offer you sanctuary on my planet. There is no place here anymore for ones of your calibre.

Mother Earth is being re birthed and only the spiritually attuned shall be allowed to remain. Your days are over. No more shall you bleed my child through your corrupt and unhealthy practices. I have given her, her freedom. She will no longer have to contend or battle with the forces of darkness. You are going to literally be rolled off her and you won't even know what has happened.

Take one last look at your fancy cars and worthless paper money. Say good bye to your yachts, penthouses and what you consider modern technology; for you are about to be stripped and unclothed. You shall be transported naked to your next abode and will have to fend without the familiar. Yes indeed, you have made your choice and I respect your right to do so for did I not give to you the gift of free will? Make no mistake however; I do not honour the choice you have made. So be it. We have gone around in circles and it is now time to move on. We have accepted your choice.

So we bid you so long, farewell and good luck in your new home. We can say to you though that we won't be attending any house warming party you may be thinking of throwing in your new home. You see we will be celebrating for a long time to come in the light of the new civilisation, free from the bondage of your unwelcome and diseased control.

As you ones like to say Ta Ta.

I send you off and on your way with my blessings and love

Your Father, Christ Michael Aton in the presence of S333


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