By Uriel thru Hazel
Sep 4, 2010 - 9:50:59 AM

Visionaries- Uriel

thru Hazel

A visionary is someone who has deeper insight that transcends beyond the octave of outer sensory perceptions. Perceptions gained externally cannot be categorised as vision. They are merely a reproduction of what your physical eyes see and record in wave motion in your brain, to be recalled at a later time.

Visionaries are cosmic in making and all ensouled beings have the divine gift of vision, being inner vision. Visionaries are those who have the power and ability to see from within and are ably guided by their inner senses. Those inner senses can only be accessed through a connection with the true you- the soul. The soul is that which contains the inner senses linked through the seat of the mind. Inner vision is not of the physical and therefore cannot be accessed in the same way as the outer senses can. In fact your outer senses work involuntarily for you. For example, once your eyes are open you will see, observe and record impressions and images through your physical sight.

Activating your inner vision takes a bit of effort and discipline on your part. It requires you to access the source of all knowing within you and that source is not physical in nature or what we call matter in motion. It is all that is "STILL". It is eminently important that man is able to access his inner vision through his mind which rests within what you may understand as soul. For man must graduate beyond the physical into higher realms of understanding that will as a matter of course draw him out of the physical limitations which create his boundaries and he will then begin to taste and experience his true self. For his true self will show him that there are no boundaries or limits and that he is in essence All that is through Light. His innate wisdom will be awakened and he will find himself living in a higher dimension within himself, whilst partaking of the world surrounding his physical perceptions to meet his needs, necessary for a physical existence. His inner vision will direct him to the truth of who he is and who God is. His inner wisdom will magnetically align him with cosmic awareness and truth that he may bring all that he truly is into the physical and transform the physical into all that is spiritual.

A visionary is one who sees through his God vision; he has the sight of God. He sees that which God sees. When he can "SEE" he will "KNOW"

Your world is filled with those who call themselves visionaries yet they are merely seers. Your world does not need prophesiers of what tomorrow will bring in the lives of men. Your world needs men and women with God vision who will direct others to uncover their vision that the world can finally see the truth and consciously bring forth the kingdom of God on earth.

There are so many of you who believe that to "foresee" is vision. It may a type of vision but not the calibre needed to change man's thinking and the world.

Visionaries see the needs of the world as required to raise it to the status of God consciousness, then utilise their inner vision and knowing to assist the world in its journey towards cosmic awareness.

Only God has vision and when you can find and free your God self you too will truly see and know.

You all have the competency to uncover your vision through self aloneness and communion with the God incarnate. When you desire to see and to know and your passion clings to all that is True, you shall see. However beloveds, I must warn you that inner vision is nowhere close in resemblance to that which you perceive with your outer physical eyes. Your inner vision is more of a knowing that comes through the all knowing light of God which flashes as inspiration within and downloads to you that which you seek to Know. You cannot therefore through inner vision record that which you see for you shall not actually see anything save for light. You shall however come into the knowing. That is why the product of inner vision cannot be reproduced for the purpose of providing others with proof. It can merely be recorded as is given to you. When you come into the knowing, you shall see the Light and your way or path then becomes clearer. There will be an instinctive knowing of Truth that is non transferable. I say this as Man must know truth, for no matter how many times it is given to him he will not know it unless he receives inner validation for it through his God mind. In other words he must see it himself through the knowing.

Inner vision is a resource which you can neither borrow, buy nor lease. You hold the key to inner vision. Your ability to see from within is your most treasured asset for therein lies the light of wisdom which bringeth truth and freedom.

I exhort you to acknowledge that inner sensory perception is as equally if not more important that outer sensory perception, for it is the former that will provide the directions back to your Source. Accept that you are all capable of being visionaries through the sovereign beings that you are. You must throw off the banner and culture of wanting others to see for you or teach you what they know, and harness your powers to see and know what God sees and knows. When you can experience this you will have started to liberate your true self and emerge into your God power. You will assume a new glow, that of illumination and others will be drawn to you.

Please know that true visionaries walk the humble path for they see into God's mind and live within His kingdom. They will use the power of their vision to uplift others and guide them home. They will never seek to wear the crown of fame or aggrandizement; neither will they revere themselves or seek to be revered. They will in Godly fashion serve in humility whilst teaching that empowerment is derived from the intangible, invisible receptacle of one's God mind. Visionaries bear an intrinsic power birthed from all knowingness. Knowledge is power as you ones say, without understanding. Only those who can truly see will gain knowledge and in time experience what it means to be omnipotent.

As you ones grow in cosmic awareness you will assume the mantle of visionaries. The era that is now dawning must be populated with those who appreciate and recognise the power of inner vision. It will take visionaries to change the face and meaning of your world. Seek ye the vision of God to be thine own and you shall be shown the way to that portal of greater awareness.

I AM Uriel, come this day to remind you that you are all visionaries in the making. Why look for the treasure on the outside when the power you seek lies right within you. Let your inner vision be your guide and empowerment, for it is this vision that belies your destiny and that of your planet.


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