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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

Update #4
By CM thru Hazel
May 16, 2010 - 4:51:06 AM

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CM- Update No 4

Christ Michael


Calamity is about to beset those dark ones who have decided to interfere with some of our plans. Do not be surprised if you hear news of disappearances in thin air. You will know how it happened. They are trying to undermine the progress we made yesterday by imposing threats on those who have seen the wisdom in co operating with us. They will not be told again, they will just find themselves elsewhere. We have not come here to indulge them. We are here to iron out certain situations in preparation for their eventual removal.

As I indicated to you yesterday the military has been very co operative for they know what the alternative would have been had they refused. We are however experiencing opposition from those who govern the financial institutions. They still feel that they know best. It is not going to be possible for them to avert what is coming which is a major collapse of the system. We are merely suggesting that the reigns of control be handed over to those who could salvage in a measurable way a temporary reprieve. You see this is necessary to ensure that institutions and people could operate and live at a basic level until stasis. They are not budging at this moment. No need for worry as we are about to execute plan B. This they will not be able to stall.

You may be wondering in which locations we are present. We are dispersed all over. We are present in many countries as a matter of necessity for this is a global operation we are undertaking. There is need for a degree of synchronicity. We however know who must be brought down first in terms of priority.

There is a prominent presence however in the US, for this is where the seeds of change must be initially planted. They hold a major key that we need. The routing out starts here and will flow northwards.

There are fresh surges of energies crawling into the organisations and we are going sweep and mop them clean.

I would like to give assurance that our plans will not be subverted by the dark for they do not hold the cards any more. This intransigence being shown by the bankers were not unexpected so we are more than capable of dealing with them. They feel that if they put up a collective front that the opposition and pressures being placed on them will dissipate and disappear. They are so wrong. We are not going anywhere until this is done.

We are executing a clandestine operation that will force them once and for all to forfeit their power hold.

Our next visit will be paid to those high ranking government officials. They will be feeling as if they are hearing things for so loud shall be our orders to them be that they will not be able to ignore the summons. Yes I promised yesterday that we would be the new puppet masters and so be it. Their strings are going to be pulled by those of the light now. It is promising to be a struggle however for this is the forum used by the cowardly sons of the dark to handle their minion workers. Without these minions the dark will not be able to vent their wickedness.

We are forcing them to come out form hiding dear ones. They have 2 choices, run and hide or come out. Since hiding is of no avail there is only one way and that is to show their ugly selves. They are going to face me and they will know that I am God their very Father for I shall remind them. They can call the name of Lucifer and Satan as much as they desire but that will not help them anymore. Against my light shall their darkness be measured and I will render to them a final choice before their ultimate fate is decided. In this way they cannot accuse me of not allowing them to change sides. I will however know their intent and make my judgment accordingly.

We are in happy times dear ones. I have said that I would come for you my faithful children and I have. First I have some pressing business to take care off, ridding the earth of the dark forces so that I could then free you that you may ever more walk in my light.

Do not be concerned by details. Leave them all to me. I know exactly what must be done and what needs to be done and it is with effectiveness and speed that I intend to bring matters to a conclusion that the business of the mother's cleansing may continue into rebirth and life.

Hear me clearly you of my fold. I am here amongst you again in different form but here nevertheless. I come to bring you home for home is where the light perpetually shines, where you can roam freely in your true being and grow in divine stature. I am in the process of removing the manacle of darkness by which you have been bound for aeons. I am freeing you. There will be no excuse left, no reason and explanation why you cannot ascend to your highest being. Prepare yourselves for I have come for you.

These words are mine and my seal is that of the Source of All.


Candace: Just as confirmation I have been told military first, bankers, then government as the priorities of our star fleet boots on the ground. I am kept generally, but not with big specifics, as I do not want to leak something on the phone. Also for my safety I should not know too much and neither should any of you.

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