Update #27
By CM thry Hazel
Jun 7, 2010 - 4:39:30 AM

Monday 7th June 2010

Update 27 CM thru Hazel

I come to provide an update on the Mother's progress. The Mother is flouncing now as the pressures build below. She is showing increased signs of movement at this time. Whether it will be the big one anticipated remains to be seen. We have however managed to get her going. The lull in her movement has given her some extra energy that she may now give a serious push to get the birthing well and truly initiated. She remains morose as the reality now faces her as to what must be done. She knows beyond a doubt that this next move is inevitable. She also knows that she must play the next card. The shake up must occur before other events fall into place and we are now working against a tight timetable.

I wish to remind you to ensure that your houses are in order and that you are mentally and spiritually prepared to meet this challenge. With each moment the Mother grows weaker with pain so it is most necessary to get this next milestone done with in her birthing cycle.

I ask that you ones continue to send her your support through conditioned light and love. Be gentle with her yet firm in your undertakings for she will feel comforted that she is not to stand alone after the project of this birthing commences. This is not a time to pray for her healing for she can only be healed and restored after the cleansing is allowed to unfold as it must. In fact dear ones it will be you who will be working to restore her through the rebuilding.

You ones cannot fall prey to short-sightedness at this time. This is a time for gentleness in love yet firmness in purpose. Her time is almost up so expect the expected at any time. I am aware that we seem to be singing this as a mantra but it is our responsibility to keep you updated as and when it become necessary. She has given us many false alarms in recent days. I have however now brought her to a point of understanding that this must be done and the message has been understood by her loudly and clearly. However I continue to treat her with the utmost love and in many ways as she too is my child I coax her and gently encourage her to take her rightful place. She is moving already which is a good sign. Our instruments detect significant movement in the eastern region of the rim at this moment in time.

I shall provide you perhaps with a further update later this day if it becomes necessary to do so. I ask that you all remain on high alert. These are crucial times and soon I shall be able to discern those amongst you are fully garbed with my mantle.

The judgment of those who have created disunity and division in your world draws very near. Yes beloveds I can confirm to you that you are in the last days, for this cycle is to be closed. The ascension of other planets within my universe now depends on matters being brought to a conclusion here.

Sit tight. I am Christ Michael Aton your Father who walks amongst you to separate the light from the dark and set in motion the events which will liberate you. My seal I place upon these words.


Candace: I am really feeling the ups and downs, the waves of action and rest.

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