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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

Update #26
By CM and S333 thru Hazel
Jun 3, 2010 - 1:09:35 PM

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Update #26

Christ Michael  and S333 thru Hazel

Ok we are here to provide an update. We have chosen this child to bring this message for a reason. Candace has had a lot on her plate in recent days and we desire her to rest for she has an incomplete assignment which must be complete for us.

I wish to first address the weather patterns. There are going to be many aberrations shortly due to the rage of incoming energies being streamed onto your planet. This is going to serve a two fold purpose. First of all it is going to assist the mother in part with her birthing and secondly it is going to cause destruction due to the increase likelihood of storms and enhanced earth activity. You will already be noticing the intensity of the storms assaulting various parts of the planet and the distinctly abnormal nature of some of the destruction occurring. This is going to continue.

I can confirm that a lot of souls are currently leaving your planet and the process of sifting is well under way. It may seem strange to you that there are no marked recognisable movements taking place in the physical realm. A lot is in fact going on if you are to take a closer look.

The signs are all there. It should be most evident to you ones that something big is on its way. Flood warnings, tsunami warnings, and hurricane warnings will all be issued. Know that this is only the start. Many of you are being deliberately given dreams by your higher selves and guides of what is to come. Some you remember others you don't. What you recall is meant to acclimatise you to the depth of what looms. I say again the signs are there. Are you looking dear ones?

You are all waiting for the big movement but are you aware of the spate of other activities which cumulatively foretells of grave expectations.

So how is the Mother? I know this remains in your mind. The mother is doing as well as she can as one in the throes of birth. You are wondering why she has not given that big push as yet. There are certain complications at the moment with this birthing that we are carefully attending to. All is in hand though so need for concern. We should get her going again shortly. I am not at this moment going into the details but rest assured that she will move in a big unexpected way. I wish to reiterate that my previous warning of being on high alert remains. The fussing will stop in a bit and she will render that big push. This beloved child asks what I mean. Well when a woman is giving birth does she not get cranky at times? Well the mother is no different.

The lights have dimmed severely in the world of the dark ones who are still not willing to concede defeat, yet have been made to clearly understand what their fate is. Yes there will many uncreations which is sad but very necessary.

Some of them continue to play their random games with us. They are scheming to execute all manner of nefarious deeds as a last bid to hold on or destroy you ones, meaning the planet and its inhabitants. We have barricaded them though. They will never succeed.

Now I wish to address some of your concerns. Firstly, I shall address the situation with the recent Israeli demoniac attempts to annihilate those who seek to help my innocent ones. This was neither accident nor incident of self defence. It was a well thought out premeditated plan to impede assistance from reaching the shores of those in Gaza. We note that there has been an international outcry.

Well this is just for media purposes for it to be seen as if something will be done. You ones of mine when will you open your half sleepy eyes? They are out to conquer your planet and will stop at nothing. They purposefully conspire to carry out these acts of terrorism under the banal excuse of self defence. They are all lies. Saying this there are a few countries who legitimately would like to see Israel punished through sanctions for their crimes against the innocent. Unfortunately in the greater scheme of international politics these little countries rank very low.

There are so many countries in this world which are under Israeli thumbs. But not for long beloveds; for we are instituting a series of events that will once and for all bring that nation of thieves and liars down. Don't worry, for my innocent ones in the midst of these snakes will be saved. The truth will be told I say to you, it will be told.

Do not feel that justice will not be rendered for they shall receive in just measure that which they have wielded on my children. This is now between them and me beloveds. They are fully aware of this. The mountains of Israel shall cave in and the earth shall open in a thunderous roar as the blood on their soil is cleansed. Not one iota of evil energy created by these sons of Satan shall be allowed to fester and contaminate the new world. Rest my children in the knowledge that all will be brought to right.

I wish to address in brevity the discord that I have noticed brewing amongst you ones as a result of the latest Monjoronson instalment. I have addressed this in part with Lucia and will add here that your attention must now be placed on the activities that are imminent for your energies must be conserved for this. There is no need for disappointment. A message shall be brought through addressing this either by me or Esu in due course.

Please note that during the stasis period you will receive adequate training as to what should be expected after stasis and how we intend as a team to go about dealing with contingencies and issues post stasis. All will be made clear and in truth we will have a clearer idea then as to how certain matters will be best dealt with. I understand your concerns but please know that there is much to do before then and I would rather have you prepared and equipped to deal with what is at hand. I have never and will never forsake you for we are in this together and you shall receive all the guidance and assistance you need during the stasis period and even thereafter. At this moment we need to get the mother going so that the necessary events leading to stasis can manifest.

Trust me my children trust me. I am Christ Michael Aton and I ask are you prepared?


Address to the dark ones

My dark brothers, since we have landed on this holy plant which you have desecrated, you have been at war with us. You have tried to take out many of ours and you have battled using loathsome means and puny useless machines. Have you won? I say no, we are still hare are we not? Your purse strings are about to be zapped and most of you are going to the void.

This is by no means an appeal for you to surrender for you have had your ample chances and have daftly refused the Father's hand. This is merely a bold statement that your time expires with the birthing by the earth. Soon you shall hear and feel the belly of this planet roar, hiccup, belch and spew. You will feel movement as you never have before. Ashes will rain upon your sorry heads and you will know that heaven's voice have spoken and redemption is no more. The energies which shall bombard will be so strong that you will literally feel as if your are boiling. So afraid will you be that you will at that point beg to be uncreated. It will be with great sadness that we oblige you.


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