Update #25
By CM and S333 thru Hazel
May 31, 2010 - 3:35:20 PM

(Candace: this came earlier today but I was away from the computer)

Update #25
S333 and CM


This is a brief update to let you know that our backup plans have now been implemented and been activated.

We expect that anytime soon there will be reports through your media of strange occurrences in the political and banking realms. Please be vigilant to these reports as they won't necessarily be reporting direct information so you may have to draw inferences or conclusions.

We are now prepared to go full speed ahead and are currently giving the Mother the personal attention she needs. She is thrusting now and soon shall have that extra impetus to give that big heave. She is now more assured than before that those in harms way due to her movements will be rescued or evacuated and taken to safety whether aboard ship or where it is safe.

We know that tensions are currently running high not only amongst this group but by many ones in many places on the planet. Most at a soul level are feeling the changes. It is like a wave forming and getting ready to make a big turn and so many are feeling that a big change is on the way. This is at the physical level causing much discomfort which is manifesting itself in various ways.

You our light workers are aware of what is taking place on the planet at this time and we expect that you have been preparing yourselves to face and deal with the inevitable events. The energies are manifesting more and more in your sphere of reality and unless you are consciously preparing yourself to deal with them your will be overtaken. We ask again that you stay centred and true to this cause and do not allow yourselves to be sidetracked. No one knows the exact moment when the earth will throw up and turmoil ensue, but it is certainly not far off. We are measuring her every movement. We may not ourselves exactly know the time of the big push but will have a fair idea very close to when it is going to happen. We may not however have an opportunity to alert you of it though. If it becomes necessary Candace will be given an impromptu warning and she could ring the bell for you ones.

Now that all measures are in place we are urging her to bite the bullet and push so that this birthing may get well under way.

Hold on my beloved children for it us not long again. I will now pass you over to my comrade S333. I am Christ Michael giving approval to these words.


Yes dear ones the tide is turning big time. The joy ride of the dark ones are almost over. Their penny hoarding days are drawing to a close. We are still most present on the planet and taking care of final matters before the zones change. We have encountered many difficulties with the dark ones but are now assured that our measures will control their opposition. One by one they are being stripped and removed.

We have a big surprise for you but you will have to wait and see. Yes it is all going to come together now. As the mother pushes her way through this birthing you will start to see evidence of our presence here. Your proof will be forthcoming with the wind of change that is about to sweep over your planet. These are not just words dear ones. We have all worked very assiduously on the planet to ensure that all mechanisms are in place to deal with various eventualities when the mother starts to birth is earnest. The stage is now fully set and unless there is need for last minute tweaks we are now awaiting the Mother. I ask that all of you give her the encouragement to push now for the more support she gets the faster we will get to the point where the big event occurs which will rapidly create a catapulting foray of events necessary to propel this cause to the stasis event, long awaited.

We are in the last laps of this race so please do not let your strength be sapped. Fortify yourself for as the pace picks up, as it will in the days and weeks ahead, so too must your physical emotional and spiritual stamina.

I am S333 and I say hold on, hold on, the rollercoaster can tip at any time now.


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