Update #1
By Christ Michael thru Hazel
May 15, 2010 - 5:08:03 AM


Christ Michael

Update No 1

We are well and truly here. Yes and the work have begun in earnest to cleanse those institutions governed in darkness. We have been fortunate to have secured some co operation which will facilitate infiltration into certain ranks. You see dear ones we already had divine beings on the ground who were expecting our arrival.

Those who are a liability are going to betaken down post haste. We mean business now and will not tolerate anyone standing in our way.

In the coming days you will hear of strange things taking place without understanding what has happened. We are not disclosing what they might be but if you pay sufficient attention you will know. The dark will try to cover up many things from you during this time but we will take every measure necessary to ensure that the population is able to hear and see the truth. We have mobilised some of our ground resources and soon results should be seen physically.

There is an interesting development about to take place in the world of politics and finance and we suggest that you pay close attention. We are going to pull the necessary strings needed for a timely collapse to occur. We now assume the role of the puppet masters and those who have reigned with the dark wand will become the lowly minions.

We are primed in our plan and ready to start making things happen. Yes the occurrences and results in your coming days and weeks will shock the population into opening their eyes and ears. Gradulally at first, but then the severe repercussions which will flow shall create enough confusion to spark greater awareness not to mention fear and anger. This is going to be time of exposure. The events we are orchestrating will cause sequential demise of systems whose timeline has expired or has you ones say reached its "pass by date". The gluttons for punishment will receive such if they do not surrender to the light now. The ride has started so to you ones hold on tightly.

You do not need to know specifics. Just know that the process of disintegration has commenced with divine fervour.

To my light workers soon your work will be at hand. I suggest you get your "houses" in order.

I am Christ Michael Aton and these are my words. I place the seal of the Father hereto.


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