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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

Update #15
By CM thru Hazel
May 21, 2010 - 7:53:32 AM

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Update No 15

Christ Michael thru Hazel

Things continue to transpire behind the scenes. We are back in full swing attending to important matters. We are currently delving a bit more into media activity and courting some media personnel for further co operation.

We have now secured further puppet masters from the number last reported. They are in the basement of the undergrounds facilities giving us some "Hell". You will not begin to imagine how many of these kind exist. We have managed to uncover some crucial information which we can use to our advantage. We are pushing them to voluntarily hand themselves over to the people for confession of their crimes. This does not seem likely to happen. We shall persevere a bit more and if that fails then I am going to ensure that information is leaked through various media with substantiated proof so that the population can draw their own conclusions.

I have decided that I am going to ensure that announcements occur before stasis one way or the other. How soon before stasis I have not yet determined. It all depends on these rogues that I have in the cellar.

The foundation of our work here is almost complete as best as is allowed given all the circumstances.

I now wish to say more about the state of your markets. Have you ones been following the news? Do you not see that exactly what we said is unfolding? Did we not give you a prior heads up on this? Well this is just the beginning. There is nothing they can do to stem the collapse which imminently looms. Beloveds, there is so much fear amongst them. Also some of the puppet masters currently incarcerated are the ones that pull the trading strings and they can't be found? Yes they are visibly missing and those who rely on their mandate are floundering just as your markets are currently. This was all part of our orchestration.

There will be no recovery and that is my divine dictate. This sore is now cankered. We will not allow reprieve. If they do try to find a quick fix we will step in and unfix it. We will play musical chairs with them if necessary but they will never get the seat of financial power again.

Having dealt with the recalcitrant dark puppeteers, I can now fully and profoundly appreciate what my children have been subjected to and it is time to rid this world of their kind. I have begun to pull the strings and I want you all to watch this mighty collapse. All is going to tumble to a raging end, to be no more. They are "rank" beloved and for me to say that being their Father should say something to you. They are well and properly sold to the darkness of the antichrist. I assure you that after I am done with them they will not see the light of day again, for that is the only extent that they know the light.

My team have been able to acquire some assets and cooperation from various sources and shall utilise these resources to implement temporary programmes pre stasis that there may be some semblance of order.

I am afraid dear ones, that my children are in for a very rude awakening. The life that they have created based on false notions and ideologies is drawing to a close, as it must.

Do not underestimate what we have accomplished so far. The best of plans must have a solid foundation before execution can commence.

Further to the update of the earth movement I highlighted to you over the last few messages, please be on extremely high alert now. It can happen at any time between now and your coming Monday. So loud will be the explosions below the mother's level that it will be felt and heard far and wide. She must have her release. She cannot bear the pain anymore. I have come for her, know this.

I ask again that you pay careful attention to the message brought by my beloved child on your forum (Ray) who has provided details of potentials for the occurrences. He was specially chosen to bring these details forthwith.

There is not much more I can say at this time but rest assured that it is close to completion. Yes, as I walk your lands I am now convinced that perhaps I let this go on for too long. The air is so polluted that you will not even believe me if I am to give you the full details. All life is dying a slow death and that is not the reason why I sent you here. I sent you to live and grow though your experiences but not to slaves to all that is dark. Yes my little ones there has been a learning in this for me too. So very soon I am going to whisk you all away from the putrefaction that lies in your midst.

I would like to extend my thanks and love to all you my children who have conscientiously sent light, love and support for those in my troops and to me. You have and continue to grow in my image. I am well pleased.

This is my promise to you. The days are becoming shorter until stasis will be initiated. I have brought the light of my presence to you on earth and in a matter of days you will hear and see the power of divine presence. Know then that it has started and once started will roll with fervour unto completion.

These are my words brought in the light of my being which comes from the Source of All. I AM THAT I AM Christ Michael Aton

Candace: I only saw a short piece by Ray at AHS yesterday and it suggested there may be a really great quake coming in the Pacific near Hawaii, and there is a huge raising of the sea floor, by some 13 feet a day off the Pacific Coast of Australia.

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