Update #13
By CM thru Hazel
May 20, 2010 - 12:37:28 PM

Christ Michael thru Hazel

Update No 13

Well we have made some firm decisions you will all be happy to hear. This has now become inevitable. The dark ones we have sequestered below ground are not giving away much. There has been some mileage made with a few. Yes they will serve their god Satan to the very end, so be it. It does pain me that my own cannot recognise who I am.  What I am saying to you is that a few will have to be uncreated. So sinister are their ways that I will not even risk placing them in lower placement to infest and continue their blind robbery of the souls of my beloved children efforting back to light.

Be prepared to see within the next day or 2 a sequence of activities on the earth plane which will manifest its self in heavy movement of Mother Gaia. This will be the first set of events. There will be a follow up of more earth movements via volcanic activity. The markets are going down this I can assure you of. I have considered various options with my crew and I have decided the priority of events best placed to fulfil divine objective. I can confirm that there have been many removals from the political arena and from the media. Not much cooperation here dear ones. I am reviewing my original idea of taking control of your media but have not yet come to a confirmed decision. I have carte blanch from Source to take whatever measures I deem necessary to bring this to a conclusion.

I am not going to say a lot more at this moment in time for a follow up will be given through another channel. Well little ones it seems that you will be getting what you desire. I do hope that being the light workers that you are you will hold the hands of your brothers and sisters who are not yet awakened but who will be by the time these events occur. They will need your help to understand the whys and wherefores of all this. I urge you to show the utmost love and compassion for they are my children and I love them too immeasurably. This is going to be your test, my beloveds. This is the time for positive action both from us and you.

I am Christ Michael Aton, your Father and I place my seal on these words.


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