I have chosen dear ones to address the topic of Trust today for it is my view that Trust is often times in your dimension either misplaced or demeaned.

I will explain in more detail as to what I mean by this. The mass consciousness of man has been programmed to trust powers which are not divinely accredited. As a result of this, man is misled in his objectives as to what he is meant to achieve in his sojourn on earth plane. Man has been taught to place his trust and belief in all that is superficial and sensory related so that when he cannot see, feel or touch, he believes that he is lacking. Your society is under pinned by those who seek to lead man to trust what he senses and to live within the comfort of his senses so that he feels he progresses when he creates or obtains matter in whatever form. The proof of matter is what needs to perpetually feed man’s trust; for he will lose it if he is unable through his senses to acknowledge that which is palpable before him.

Man’s notion of trust suffers from anemia in that its life blood is drained and it wears the pallor of ghostliness which could disappear without a hint because its basis is short-lived. Trust has been degraded to suit man’s purposes and its death is sure in the absence of matter or what you then call proof.

I have efforted to show you not only that mans’ trust is misplaced but that it is transient and dependent on what man perceives to be tangible.

Trust as we teach it is anchored in the divine and is fed by a higher knowing which finds its origin in the light, being the God Mind. The intricacies of God’s mind are accessible to each who bears the living flame of God within and in fact you are each one with that mind. As you experience deeper communion with that mind through introspective thinking you will build up gradually a connectivity that allows you to enjoy deeper understanding of facets of God’s thinking. You can then either through gentle creeping or quantum leaps according to your choice groom your mind to partake at will, of God’s mind, which you should strive to see as a helmet or cap which covers your own. If you have the desire and commitment to achieve this level of closeness you shall then taste the true nature of what Trust is. For your belief system shall then be based on God awareness and knowledge flowing from this shall provide generous assurance needed by you in whatever area in your lives you seek this.

How many times beloveds have we told you that there is no separation? Your abilities are prepared to work for you should you exercise it to your advantage. Will you allow yourself the freedom to know YOU even better? For when you know YOU, you know God and when you know God you know YOU. Is it perhaps not that each of you could stretch your efforts even a tiny bit more to get to know YOU better, and in so doing trust will grow. Is it not true that as you get to know someone better you either come to trust or distrust them? Can the same not be said of you and God being one with ALL.

Is He the same God within each, not proof of your being? Do you trust you? This is a thought to ponder. If you don’t trust you I humbly suggest that you get to know the God in you and you shall find that your thinking will vary. Trust dear ones is the passion of your knowing through the God that you are able to access within you. You may say that Melchizedek sprouts meaningless words; meaningless to your mind or your senses?

None of what I say is beyond your understanding. You can grasp the meaning very easily if you choose to spend a few minutes pondering. Often times you tend to trust with your senses and not your mind. Please note the difference. When you trust with your senses you long for materialization of and in matter. When you trust with your God mind you know that notwithstanding the absence of matter, that matter will materialize as it has already been known to your mind.

You cling to that which you desire like a child clings to a comforter. Let the trust which emanates from your mind lead you comfortably in your belief that you can let go of the material comforter and know that what you desire is outworking itself in harmony with all.

Beloved children, every moment you have between ‘now and then’ (being the revolutionary moment that will change all things for good on your planet) spend it getting to know YOU better that you may learn to trust yourselves as God and in so doing prepare yourselves in greater measure for what is to come. For your ability to trust within the reasoning of your God mind will enable you to enjoy expanded perspectives in all things and will be an able accessory going forward. When you can trust from within you grow in confidence and winds of change will not hinder or hamper that trust or confidence. Does this sound surreal to some? Perhaps it might. What is surreal dear ones is in fact that which is REAL. Acquiring and knowing that which is real takes patience and effort.

When you trust God you trust yourself, when you trust the true YOU, you trust God. That trust will never be betrayed but will only glow tirelessly in the immortal frame of light and life. Beloveds we know and appreciate the denseness that embraces your world; but that denseness need not clutter or affect your thinking. Many of you are advanced and very advanced souls and have the ability to cut through the density that seeks to create a claustrophobic hold and render you impatient and dubious as to what you believe and know is true. Take the proverbial sword of Light and Truth and cut away that which seeks to bind you and diminish your trust. Validation comes first with knowing and then it will be followed in due time by matter.

You may think that we ask much of you. Many of you already at soul level know of that which I exhort. The challenge remains for you to drink from the well of your soul and add to your current selves that you may be able wisely to go forth knowing that your trust is not misplaced.

I pour forth upon thee blessings. Accept them and know that you are cherished. That which we give to you time and time again is meant to remind you of what you know that you may implement them in your lives and live in purpose and wisdom.

I am Father Melchizedek and I join my child in communion today to bring guidance. I desire to share with you eternal wisdom and pray that you shall each benefit.

The love of Aton be with thee
Father Melchizedek