Tomorrow will take care of itself
By Christ Michael thru Hazel
Apr 7, 2010 - 7:28:47 PM

Tomorrow will take care of itself

Channelled Message Christ Michael- Thru Hazel


The road ahead is paved with mixed stones, some rubble to be removed others boulders to rebuild. However you are the masons and carpenters of tomorrow. There will be skills that you have but will only post stasis come into the remembrance of. What you do not know you shall learn. Necessity will surely be the mother of invention in times to come.

Do not be alarmed that you will not know "HOW" for you shall know and will be guided by many hands. What does it profit you to be afraid of what is to come when you have been longing and imploring for the time ahead to manifest. Have I not shared with you my vision for tomorrow? Do you know Me dear ones? Do you not bear a part of Me within you that you can turn to for guidance and assurance?

Why do you trouble yourself and others with worldly issues of tomorrow when I have said that in due time all you need will be given to you. I ask that you reassess your commitment to the cause and renew yourselves through introspection and divine tuning. These are crucial times that we are in now. Note I said "NOW" not ahead. If you allow yourselves to see the bigger picture of what has already transpired you will see that all goes to plan. You must trust in the knowledge that has been imparted to you and move forward fearlessly for in these last days the Dark will seek to strike you with the hot iron of doubt so that you will burnt and broken and be unable to serve that which you know is the light.

Dear ones you are all precious to me and you all have divine missions ahead. Please do not allow your fears to override your reason. But trust in what you know. This is a time of severe testing for all of you.  It is easy to follow when the tide is low but now that the tide is well on its way to entering high ground you cannot turn to fear for what tomorrow will bring. Stand your ground for I shall protect you. Your fears will keep you in the prison of doubt and darkness and your impatience will further feed that fear. Know that I am your God and I shall sustain you. All you need do is to enter into your space of quietude and speak to me.

Although the task post stasis will be challenging the rewards will be most worth it all. You will adjust dear children for you have chosen this path.

I leave you with my Love and place the shield of my divine light over each of you to protect you from the harmful rays of doubt and fear. Know that I am steadfast in my Will and it shall be done.


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