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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

Time for Passage- The Creator Source
By Creator Source thru Hazel
Nov 30, 2011 - 5:18:09 PM

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Time for Passage- The Creator Source

The Earth’s clock has slowed down and the ticking sound of those hands becomes feint. Prepare you ones who are in the knowing as night falls to herald an imposed period of slumber. It has become necessary to execute with fervour the saving grace; that which will rescue the planet herself from the doldrums of darkness which has infiltrated her body and awareness and created torpor destined to keep her numb. Gaia’s body has become for the most part comatose through eons of abuse. Her spirit is most willing to abide by her Creator’s will but her body cannot respond as required. She has become powerless and there is now need for higher intervention.

The prophesy of 2000 thousand and more years ago in your counting must be fulfilled, for this is the very promise made by MY SON. HIS word shall be fulfilled. However HIS return will not be in the likeness of that which most believers expect. Many will be gravely disappointed, should they know, that their perceptions of his return scantily resembles their expectations. In fact they will not know until it is too late. It has become necessary for major action to be taken not in accordance with the original plan. Yet as you ones know plans have had to be amended to take into consideration the needs of the earth and the people and to protect for the greatest good all from the incipient chaos that the dark brothers have planned.

You cannot even begin to imagine the fierceness of their plans for you ones. For this has turned into a raging battle between Evil and God. Yes you heard ME. The evil that scars your earth plane uses man in their battle against God and by this I mean MY very SON who gave most of them life. Sons against Father; sons and daughters who have disowned their very Source. They care not about you ones who they have infected with their poisonous ways. They seek to attack the Father through you. This they do in myriad ways. Of late however grave diabolism marks their intent. 

They will stop at nothing now to have their way for they intend to have the last say. There is an unbridled power emanating from within them now that is at its fiercest as they face the final countdown. They know that it is time. They have for aeons hidden behind man and earth to wreak their havoc. Now they will face Michael MY very Son and HIS host. This is the time of true and deliberate reckoning. They know beloved and they fight now with every ounce of strength left. 

They have been deluded into believing that the victories that they have achieved over the earth and her inhabitants can endure. They fight with all that is physical- they have not one iota of cosmic or spiritual strength. They are going to be nipped. They will simply and easily be removed. MY SON has efforted to bring them home using various means and tactics, but they have rejected HIS welcoming love and now they must face the fire of their own choosing.

There will be no war, no Armageddon as was and is expected by some. Man cannot fight with God. It just isn’t possible. God has no intention of reducing Himself to mans’ level of expectation or perception. God does not indulge in these nursery games. HE efforts to bring ones out of the nursery as graduates in spirit. There will be peace in the movement that will be initiated without acceptance. Man will not now be given a choice for he has long been given the choice. Many have shunned the offering, few have accepted it whole heartedly and others have tasted and remain undecided. 

For those of you who know what is at this very moment eventualising in another dimension, you will know what must follow. The inevitable is being executed now and time is to pause. The Father knows what is best and for those who have made their commitments knowingly, I ask that you place your whole hearted trust in the Father’s will and way. The intricacies of execution should not be your concern. You are not in a position to understand how it will all unfold. Just trust. Readiness of your spirit is all that is necessary. I want you to remember that I AM not moved by words that you utter through your lips; I AM moved by what is in your heart as aligned with your spirit. 

You cannot want things of the earth and also desire to be with ME. This simply means that you must let go now of your desires and wants and preferences and join with MY SON. Let go and Let God be the ONE who guides you from within. Empty yourself that I may fill you; that you may be in no doubt where your allegiance lies. Disown these feelings of attachment to earthly things. True Love is imperishable and cannot be lost through death or separation.

Focus now on your spiritual enhancement for wherever you may find your self, God will not do it for you. You will not just find yourself with wings through the manifested changes. You will earn your wings. Let this time be spent in reverence with the Holy one who abides in the soul’s precinct. Allow the feeling of Oneness born from the love of your creation to be your inner field. Effort in the moments of your life now, to consciously join with ME from within and intend to hear ME. 

You are not conscious of the hour of change; you will not know when it happens BUT you can transit into it with a supreme knowing and confidence. Know that indeed Michael’s will shall be done for HIS will is always in accord and synchronicity with MINE OWN. Trust that your loved ones will be where they must and do not spend your time worrying about this or that. I ask you- what matters now? Think on that.

Michael needs totally committed co creators; ones who will stand with HIM through thick and thin; ones who will not whimper at the slightest inconvenience; ones with initiative, drive and openness, who stands ready to effect HIS plans for the planet. I will remind you again that though major changes will be effected, each will continue to have responsibility for his/her spirit’s evolution.

God does not discount the human feeling or emotion; but does expect that those who have evolved in spirit’s way shall make all choices amenable to spirit and the infinite ‘spirit being’- God.

These are most precarious times on your earth plane and I issue a caution to you of the Light to be vigilant and remain in alignment every moment. The darkened brothers know that they are living and ruling on borrowed time and that MY SON is here now to reclaim what is HIS. The process will be executed with great finesses, sureness and certitude.

Blessed be these word for they are given and received in Holy truth. Abide by them. Time is now of the essence. 


This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thankyou, Candace.



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