Time for Collection
By Source thru Hazel
Jun 7, 2012 - 12:50:50 PM

Time for Collection

Source thru Hazel

Creation is MY investment and MY gift to MY children. You are the assets within MY creation. Your worth is measureless. You were born into wealth wearing the crown jewels I placed upon you at birth. You then decided to create lives of your own for the sake of experience but always with the promise that you would return to ME with your wealth intact.

I gave you leave to explore the elements of space and time; not to seek out your fortune but to simply experience and interact with MY creation. I expected that you would have invested your assets wisely to enrich your experience and know the WHOLE and ALL of ME, though you appeared to be separate from ME. Many have forgotten their roots and cannot comprehend ME. They have forgotten WHO I AM and where I AM. I AM the long forgotten SOURCE for many and for others I AM a being wholly separate from them; a ruler who sits above in a place called Heaven waiting to meet out judgment at an appropriate time.  The truth being, you were and are never without ME, in spite of the myriad journeys you have taken.

What many of you do not know is that I take the journey with you for it is impossible for ME to be without you and for you to be without ME. The difference is that I AM aware whilst many of you are not. The Creator is always in attendance on creation; forever observing HIS assets as they sojourn in time and space to see whether they are allowing their experiences to rob them of their birthright or whether they are using their birthright to maximise the experiences which will in turn yield returns and enable them to find their way home. I AM constantly nudging you from within that you may recognise MY presence and in so doing your creative ‘creator’ abilities.

Many have lost memory of their inherent wealth and seek to fill a void with that which is of a material nature, transient, as its worth is meaningless in the place where they must return to. Those who have come into remembrance and knowledge of the treasures they bear within themselves have wisely invested their timeless assets in choices amenable to longevity of spirit. Their wise investments have earned them ‘spiritual dividends’ stored in their cosmic bank accounts. For it is that which is stored herewith that will determine their next placement.

For those unable to recall their Source and homeland, I have paid special attention to; mercifully recognising that they needed and are in need of assistance. I have sought to purchase their passage home through the ones I have sent time and time again to provide the vehicle for their return. Yet many have spurned this offer in preference to extending their journey. So I watch as these ones gamble their assets on unwise investments and forfeit in the process the most valuable gift bestowed upon their birth; their sovereignty.

There are those who remember who I AM and who know where they have come from yet they have chosen against ME. They have surrendered their spiritual assets in favour of the material and worldly ones and seek to create a kingdom for themselves in a material world that has no reality.

It is COLLECTION TIME. I have come to reap the returns on MY investment.  I come to assess how my assets have fared and to determine where next they should be invested. Those who have earned high returns will ascend to places where nature will support the accumulation of greater spiritual dividends.

Those who earned little during their experience as they bought into false doctrines and precepts and in so doing surrendered their sovereignty and freedom for imprisoning chains; will be freed by MY hands and be given another opportunity to regain what they lost in places  more supportive to the pursuit of self awareness.

Those whose spiritual coffers are totally bare due to their malignant choices, preferences and investments in barren affairs, will struggle to survive as they flounder for the breath of life. Ever merciful, I offer a lifeline as I extend MY hands offering assistance. I ask them to choose ME as their new partner that I may inject fresh capital of light into deadened assets. A few have accepted this offer in wisdom as they know that they are spiritually bankrupt. I will be their Trustee in Bankruptcy; and so will decide how and from which placement they shall repay their debts and thus begin to regain the assets they willingly abused and lost.

The rest have rejected MY offer. They have chosen to forfeit further investment in experience and thus coldly severed themselves from the Source of their lives. They have rejected life. and in so doing have determined their penalty.



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