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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

This is the Time of the Resurrection
By Father Melchizedek thru Hazel
Sep 19, 2010 - 11:25:15 AM

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This is the Time of the Resurrection -

Father Melchizedek

The eyes of the Universe are on planet Shan as she begins this her ascent into life and light. Her resurrection has begun in the wake of momentous changes affecting the planet and all life. It is indeed a sight to behold from the celestial realms for she is rising. Her spiritual antenna is now extending beyond the surface of current dimension and she is picking up waves of cosmic energy which concurrently aids her resurrection. She is now being guided back to her light, a light that has been subdued by the tempers of darkness for too long. The dark has efforted to snuff out her light whilst keeping her in a state of comatose to use for their base purposes.

She is no longer beholden to serve as a prison planet to aid in the relighting of the dark ones. She has been liberated and through her liberation she will find her resurrection and eventual ascension.

The resurrection of the planet signifies the renewal of her light through the reclamation of her divinity as she reaches beyond her current state to merge in Oneness with her Creator. Her light is being allowed to shine again gloriously and this in itself is a celebration of resurrection. More cogently though is the ordination that she purposefully return to the Light which birthed her and thus in her resurrection she is granted a clean state in which to evolve as every life force in creation is expected to.

She is being plucked from the doldrums of darkness and shown the way to Light and Life. The planet has been existing in a culture of slavery as a servant who has been whipped, lashed assaulted, battered and bled under oppressive practices of those fallen. Well the Father has declared that she is free of servility and will be resurrected as a land of the living. The pall of death which hangs like a noose around the planet and her inhabitants has been removed and for the first time in ages she and those who resurrect with her will know what Life is.

The resurrection holds the promise that the spirit of man will take precedence over the flesh and man will see that life exist only in spirit and that all life has a spirit and all are linked by spirit back to the Source of All. Through the resurrection will come a new paradigm that transcends the comfort zone of man's senses that man may begin to understand that, that which is resurrected is not the flesh but the spirit which holds the light and that light must valiantly aspire to greater light until man no longer needs the experience of the flesh to facilitate him growing into his spirit. As the light within man, being his spirit, is renewed and reborn through the resurrection, so too shall the Truth. As the light of man resurrects he shall come into greater understanding of the Love principle and so too shall divine love within man be resurrected. As the light, love and truth within man is reborn so too shall the God within be resurrected.

Yes dear ones this is the time of the resurrection of the planet and those who choose to ascend into light and life. The resurrection will be a victory and reward of the light within all those who have laboured to maintain their frequency in support of the God incarnate. Their light will be resurrected, meaning brought into the full power of its life that the journey can be continued with alacrity and without further imposed impediment.

The planet's resurrection also involves her rising to her true identity, to be that which she was created to be, a jewel in the Fathers Kingdom. She will assume once again the title and reflection of the Emerald planet. No more will she or those who have chosen the light be lost in the swamp of purgatory created by the dark of your world. You will each resurrect to be who you are.

Make no mistake though children, resurrection is a choice. If only ones could appreciate the momentousness of these times and the great significance it has in the planetary cycle, ones will wish to partake in this rare occurrence.

The resurrection is a life line you can choose if you are ready to embrace change, if you are ready to assume the mantle of your true being and if you are ready to take on your true role as co-creator. Your resurrection signals a brand new beginning for you as individuals and for all on the planet who remain and those yet to come. This resurrection will enable ones who come, to continue their journey in an environment conducive to evolving further into light and acquiring, unhindered, greater cosmic awareness. This resurrection goes beyond freedom and renewal. It will set the stage for posterity and ensure that the will of the Father be done.

I wish you ones to understand that the resurrection is a gift as much as it is a choice and the Father's decision to extend the time as you know it to accommodate a fertile harvest was premised on him desiring that more of His children would have accepted the gift of the Resurrection and in so doing choose Light, Life and Love through a cosmic understanding.

Sadly it seems for many that their resurrection must be postponed to a time when they are more ready. It is with great compassion and love that I say this for we do not judge. Many of these ones have been caught in the mire imposed by the dark and have not been able to find their way out. They have become so programmed that they cannot differentiate true light from affected light. They too are sincerely loved and will find their way back with our help

I ask you ones to rejoice for this resurrection under way is a culmination of thousands of years in your understanding of God seeking to bring truth and enlightenment to man. Man has always been told of the cyclical changes to expect yet most ignore in disbelief. Well the resurrection is taking place before your very eyes and still many cannot see. But see they shall for matters are coming to a head now and the clock is soon to stop as the new one is rewound to kick start an era of new life.

The resurrection of the planet will see her assume mighty proportions and enhanced aesthetic qualities as creation takes on a new meaning. Her vibrancy will return as she sheds the pallor of pain and as you ones say she will be alive and kicking again. You children of the Light who have purposely chosen and been dedicated to your planet's resurrection and ascension and that of humanity, you shall receive your rewards. For eyes have not seen nor ears have heard that which the Father has in store for those who have been faithful to Him. The resurrection is your reward and holds rewards beyond your understanding for it shall present to you the gift of new resolve, enhanced abilities, restored memories, deeper connections with spirit and a pronounced feeling of Oneness with the Source. Your lives will be certainly enriched and man will live to grow and not to die.

Dear ones the resurrection that is now underway bears much significance and I ask that you see through your inner vision which will confer a long term perspective. This is the beginning of Life.

I am Father Melchizedek and I come to enlighten you on the different faces of the Resurrection whose clutches you are firmly within now. Be prepared to understand the depth of its meaning that when it has delivered you to a new state of being you are prepared to honour its bestowal. This is the Father's gift; congratulations to all who have had the foresight and courage to choose it.

May you all be blessed by the divine light of the Creator son, Aton, of the Lighted Source.



This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thankyou, Candace.


Ok  I must add some detail as to this Father Melchizedek.  The Melchizedeks are many and belong to the ORDER of Mechizedek.  There is not just one, so don't confused here with Machiventa Melchizedek who bestowed himself on this world during the time of Abraham.

The Father Melchizedek of Nebadon, the FIRST one, was brought into being by Michael of Nebadon and Nebadonia.  Then then Father Melchizedek and Michael and Nebadonia then create the rest of the order.  That is why, as part creator of the rest of the order is he known as the Father Melchizedek.  He is Hazel's "real father" in this regard, she is our beloved incarnated Melchezidek on this team!  She knows here real name if I recall but we are now calling her Hazel Melchizedek using her incarnate name.  Melchizedeks are consider "male energy" and usually thus called "HE", but like all of us, should they chose to bestow themselves on this world by incarnation,  they can use the female form and female energy is much needed on this world.

The Melchizedek of Abrahams time, was Machiventa. The world was having problems forgetting God then, and LOTS of folks came to various cultures from the heavenly realms. There was nuclear war going on AGAIN,  and man was again, forgetting all about God.

Machiventa was NOT born of women, he arrived in a specially created body for his purpose.  Hazel has arrived by method of Birth like most of us do, but any of us could walk this world in a specially created body too, and no doubt in some areas of the world, some may walk by this method, but with modern record keeping and birth certificates, it is beter to be born of woman.  Otherwise they stand out too much.

You can read about the order of Melchizedek in the Urantia Book.

You can also use the search feature there and put in Machiventa Melchizedek to find the stories of his work here in the time of Abraham.

Here is a quote from the section above I wish to note, particularly the bolded part.  Those of us above this level MUST "incarnate".  We cannot ever be visualized and SEEN with out doing so.  We can be born of woman or given a special body.  Its not only "seen", but our energies are so high that if somebody would touch us,  they would be consumed by the energy.  NOT a good way to do it!  When we incarnate by BIRTH,  we become temporary citizens of a world and thus have all the rights regards our influence in the world we are on.  There are laws of "non interference" which some of you are aware of. This is how we "legally" interfere" as such.

(385.4) 35:2.1 The Melchizedeks are the first order of divine Sons to approach sufficiently near the lower creature life to be able to function directly in the ministry of mortal uplift, to serve the evolutionary races without the necessity of incarnation. These Sons are naturally at the mid-point of the great personality descent, by origin being just about midway between the highest Divinity and the lowest creature life of will endowment. They thus become the natural intermediaries between the higher and divine levels of living existence and the lower, even the material, forms of life on the evolutionary worlds. The seraphic orders, the angels, delight to work with the Melchizedeks; in fact, all forms of intelligent life find in these Sons understanding friends, sympathetic teachers, and wise counselors.


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©2005-2019 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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