The time for radical action approaches. The coin has been tossed, and heads it is to forge ahead - the decision made. The moment of truth is being planted now and persistent impediments being rooted out. The general feeling of asbsentia of all that is holy is inimical to the blatant truth that poised on your turf are the Holy footsteps of the Creator Son. Michael comes again but this time for a different purpose, not to teach his wayward but to render Himself to all who can receive.

The fort of resistance is collapsing from the very top and the light is seeping dynamically through every conceivable portal now. Lo the word is out, Aton prepares his nest that His innocent may be protected from harm’s way.

They will speak of Zion and Babylon but the fall of both is at hand for the truth is rising now steadily and the fire which burns beneath it is propelling it to a height of proportions too magnificent to perceive or conceive.

The tonal chords have now been switched from the harsh and unrelenting vibe to a mellow light accord. The higher purpose of the cause is on the cusp of being fulfilled. The margins have already been calculated and the Tribe chosen. The politics of man shall pale as we prepare you for new governance. You may say that these words are senseless, meaningless, and inane; yet I caution you to take heed for seldom is the warning abided by; the focus is always on manifested events. Truth shall crystallise before your very eyes but I say to you that no man will truly know the hour. Incognito and without literal presence the Truth shall be felt in He who comes.

Man – you are yet to truly learn the ways of God. His warning is your signal to pierce your disbelief and mind His words. For we who come from Him are given of His words to bear to thee. Zadkiel’s words are not his own but that of the Father direct.

Heed before it is too late the many warnings given; for in those warnings lay the bulb of truth and when it starts its reign you will not want to say if only I had paid attention. For many of you judge the words as lie or false alarms. Be grateful for your false alarms for they render to you the time to park your selves on safer grounds.

The sceptics will return to their doubts in remembrance when the truth ascends; and that will be for them their lesson. Do not find yourself amongst this fold. Be ye of the Tribe- the Tribe of Aton- for ye are His chosen ones. Why? Simply because ye have chosen Him. Ye have willingly entered into the Tribe. Be ye of God and as He. Do not say that ye are of God and then render that which is opposite; for no man can fooleth the Father; He knows ye, everyone of ye, by your heart.

The tribe is being gathered now. What say this to ye? Collection time approaches. This is His will.

Let all manner of fear go and take up the eternal flame, lift it high and ye will see others of the Tribe.

Master the rule that measures your weight in light. Listen to these my words- The litany of love revels now in your domain and the angels descend in their multitude to raise your gentle earth. Be ye one with her that ye may experience her rising. Later will be too late.

Join the angels in their chorus:

Rise ye up oh lamb of God,
The tribe of Aton calls
His heart to touch,
His mind be near
The lonesome road has met its end,
The path now leads
With joy ascend.

Pay attention now to all that is transpiring. It heralds a fortuitous time as the cycle winds down and the beginnings of light makes itself felt in your world.

I am Zadkiel, a beacon of the ONE who bringeth the news. It will be a testimony to itself as the dawning enters like a beautiful swan that proudly creates a vibration of joy across the tiresome lake of life.

Blessings, in the name of the Father.