Your spirit is the eternal energy which creates only through love and sees only through light. Its sword is wisdom and its shield is truth. It dwells in the kingdom of its peace and is its own fulcrum. It’s potential is incomparable and its imaginings pure. What can your spirit offer you? It is the key, the secret to a wholesome life, the Source of all correction.

You are here to minister to the soul’s unfolding through its light and to serve My will. I will today teach you about the tool for self preservation.

To protect yourself from erroneous perceptions and judgments against others, LIVE IN SPIRIT. Your spirit dwells in the framework of a higher mind and exists in its own assurance. It needs no weapons to attack or defend for it is neither vulnerable nor liable to lower vibratory emotions. It is its own understanding and will render through its understanding compassion for the plight of those you will perceive as “evil”. For the spirit knows that those who choose the lower path are merely experimenting with that which is alien to them. The spirit sees them as struggling to accept their divine nature and sovereign power. Evil or what you call sin is the creation of those who choose the longer pathway home. It is through their choices that they will eventually remember and the lessons of their origin and nature will be well learnt. Their choices bear no impact on your spirit for it is between them and their true self.

The spirit sees as God will see as it is His vision that inspires its sight. The spirit knows that man will always through his ego seek to attack that which he cannot comprehend or that which is foreign to his established patterns of thinking. The spirit does not take offence or react but responds as the ONE whose footsteps it follows; being in harmony and in the balance of truth and light. The spirit will respond with pardon and a blessing of love. The spirit knows that it is ALL.

The spirit sees the sufferings of its brothers and sisters who choose the lower pathway notwithstanding what appears to be garnered wealth and power on the material level. The spirit sees how diseased and corrupted the physical being becomes notwithstanding a healthy body. It is bereft of the light of its spirit and is enveloped in a darkened shield. The spirits of these beings have no way out.

You have through many incarnations accustomed yourselves to familiar settings based on physical and sensory responses. The ego is a well established aspect which motivates behaviour not aligned with spirit choice. The ego becomes your ruler and dictates your response through unconscious programming. At times your conscious mind wishes to respond in balance but you have become so conditioned that instead you respond as per your conditioned mind. Think of yourself as software which was pure at your birth and through myriad incarnations it became slowly defective due to the infiltration of habits foreign to its nature. It is so infected now that it requires purification and re calibrating to operate at its highest potential again.

The panacea is reunion with Spirit. In your communion with your higher self you will be fed the elixir which will nourish your mind and bring clarity of vision. That which once despoiled your view will be removed and vistas anew you will experience as you explore the bounty of spirit’s offerings.

Your interaction and union with your higher self engages you in celestial thinking and ways and by your choice, your efforts and knowledge of spirit’s yield, you will not only overcome the hurdles of your ego and the world surrounding you but expedite your return to the Source.

Your spirit will guide you as to how to deal with worldly issues if you place yourself under its tutelage. The spirit is a wise teacher but will not force or impose itself on the student. It will gently re introduce you to your power and teach you how to harness your potential to create instead of miscreate. It will sharpen your mind to tune into higher intelligence and introduce you into renowned celestial circles that you become once again comfortable with “yourself” and your inherent power. It will initiate you, teach you, test you and facilitate your continued journey to enlightenment. There will come a time when you will not be able to differentiate yourself from spirit. It is then that you will live totally in spirit without need for physical consciousness.

We encourage you to step up your efforts to live in spirit in the now. Self discovery and enlightenment can take as long or as short as your choose. It is always your choice but the choice you must make should be against the knowledge of what your spirit can offer to you.

I will ask you to ponder upon the following questions?

How comfortable are you in your mortal incarnation?
How do you feel about yourself and your life?
Are you happy inspite of the world around you?
Are you at peace inspite of worldly creations?
How do you interact with other mortals?
Do you respond with your ego and if so how does it make you feel?
What is it that is missing in your life?
Are you in control?
What is your purpose in this life?
How do you go about achieving your purpose?
Does your purpose impact on you alone or on many or all?
What does spirit mean to you and what role does it play in your life?
Do you live in fear?
Do you thrive on anger or typically respond with anger to situations contrary to your understanding or preferences? How does being angry make you feel? Does it motivate you to change you or to try to change others? Does it steal your peace?
What is your idea of love?
What does being balanced mean to you?

These questions dear ones are meant to inspire constructive thought and honest insight that you may determine for yourselves the areas in your lives that may need attending. When you can confront short comings you can then go to the “Source of Correction” which will help you to become the Spirit that you are.