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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

The Price of Passivity, The Panacea and The Promise
By AA Michael thru Hazel
Apr 24, 2011 - 10:21:14 AM

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The Price of Passivity, The Panacea and The Promise-

AA Michael

The price of passivity bemoans the silence of progress. This simply means that there is no movement through action although thoughts may flow in sequence to produce objectives. Yet there are multiple levels of passivity where the lowest speaks not at all in thought or action but is voiceless and rests in the maze of inactivity and complacency. Passivity lacks the dynamism of thought as the majority are happy to allow others to think for them instead of thinking for themselves. Man does not wish to assume responsibility even for thinking. This is the state of many in the mortal world .The usage of one’s’ time is seldom controlled by the self but by others and analogous to this is that one’s’ thoughts are seldom influenced by self but by others. The passivity in thinking correlates to the stagnation which man and planet finds themselves mired in at this material time.

It is true that greater awakening is on the dawning now but there is still inadequate motivation of thought to effect major changes in spiritual morale. The density brewed by the dark forces has impacted on the minds of men and free thinking has been admonished in the wake of those who seek ultimate control. There are very few gods in your dimension and this I say in light of man’s resistance to stand in the power of the god that he is. Those who hold themselves out as gods do not seek to serve the God of ALL. Just as temperature can be controlled so too is the thinking of man being controlled by those who manipulate his senses beliefs and thoughts. Passivity has become a by product of indoctrination.

This is the time for truthfulness. The dark are very astute and know how to use underhanded means to catch you out. When you succumb to their wiles you become their slaves and veritable footstools that enables them to maintain godlike status. It is time to step up on the pedestal of truth that you may see the lie that has kept you as a civilisation in mortal bondage, unable to seek and revel in knowledge that will free you once and for all.

It is easier to be passive and let someone else do all the work but that is not how you will earn your way out of physicality. You will have to experience again and again the dimension of physical consciousness to learn to think for yourself through your “self” before you can graduate.

The time for passivity is over. For it is declared that man must find his voice through active thinking and seek to create a future that is based on true values espoused in the harmony of spirit. It is time to rise up, not with arms to fight to the death but rise up in spirit to fight for life. For if many can know themselves, they will know the resources they hold within that will allow them through guidance to reclaim their sovereign status. Man will then actively use his god mind to think and create his reality instead of being subjected to a reality created by others.

Passivity is not synonymous with peace or being at peace with yourself or others. Passivity is an impediment to growth for inaction scorns progress. Man wonders why he is stuck – it is because he passively accepts the dictates of others and fails to think for himself through discovering that his self has alot to say through thought if only he would be open to self discovery. Passivity is the antithesis of creativity, the latter being the god instinct.

For those who are ensconced in the comfort of passivity beware of those whose voices speak laudably and loquaciously yet their actions fail to mirror their words or their words vibrate for the benefit of a few in the guise of all.

Become gods of action through inspired thinking and rise up in spirit to claim your life back for truly when you are passive you do not live. You exist in the framework created by others without thought, without a say as you sashay through your incarnation.

Now to the dark brothers, know with surety that the poison of passivity that you have injected over time in God’s children is wearing out as the Creator breathes himself into your place. You will find that the poison is quickly losing its potency and numbness as the anaesthesia wears of and God’ children rise up in spirit to reclaim their heritage. Surrender, if you wish to experience freedom in light and WE of the Host will gladly give to you the vial which contains the cure so that you can join the brothers of light again.

This is not a warning for the time for warnings has expired. This is the promise that comes before the event that you are all aware of but seek to hide from the masses.

I come to announce before HIM that HE is to be expected with the imminence of lightening and I promise you that you will not want to be in the dark when HE arrives.

I am AA Michael come to say that passivity no longer has a place in a planet ordained to ascend and to exhort the brothers and sisters of light to take up the baton of spirit and rise to claim the glory of your eminence.

Here ye once again brothers of darkness, Aton is on HIS way- let not this opportunity for salvation bypass you lest you find yourself on the brink of extinction. Take these words as you please for it will have no impact of the reality of what is currently transpiring and what will manifest. Do not wait for the promise to be fulfilled before belief grasps you. Now is the time.

Michael come in the radiance of the Source to say that HIS WILL SHALL BE DONE.



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