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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

The Path of Light
By Angel Belbin thru Hazel
Apr 14, 2010 - 8:36:19 AM

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Channelled Message -Angel Belbin thru Hazel

The Path of Light

The path of light is the path of God. There are but two choices that beings on your planet have. They can choose to walk the lighted path or traverse the path of darkness. There is no middle ground. If you choose darkness in any form regardless of the quantity, you have chosen the dark path. Do not delude yourselves that you can walk these two paths at the same time.

These choices are not necessarily made before one incarnates. To an extent, when ones incarnate to continue lessons and work out karma, the possibility exists that the dark path will remain a temptation. This very much depends on the circumstances that the beings find themselves in this life stream.

The culture that one finds himself in has a lot to do with the choices he makes.  Sometimes there are those who feel pushed down a path through circumstances even though it is not their preference. Some who walk the dark path do so as they feel that they have no choice and survival and self preservation is paramount. You ones live in the moment which is not a negative, but seldom do ones live in the moment with an appreciation of the greater context of their existence. Many see their lives on earth as the be all and end all, the finality. They therefore choose the most comfortable path which is not always the path of light.

Walking the lighted path requires a spirit that is strong and an understanding that is divine. To choose to walk that path in spite of the various challenges and hardships you face in your illusory world takes great courage and conviction. Temptation comes easy in your world and it is always easy to choose the road most travelled i.e. the easy road. Please know that the easy road offers transitory comforts. They will never last. What endures is the wealth you garner within soul's temple.

We look upon you workers of light with great love and admiration for we have seen you battle against the demons within and the evil without, yet retain your moral charisma to continually follow the path of your soul's destiny back to the source of all. We see the tears you shed and we drink those tears. We see the pain in your hearts and we feed it with the balm of our love. We carry you so many times so that your burdens may feel less weighty because we know the effort and the love you exert on the arduous journey home. No effort of the light is wasted; no effort to serve goes unnoticed even though the results may seemingly be without reward.

When you walk the path of light you bear the torch of God and it is that inner torch that encourages you to persevere and push your own spiritual boundaries. You aspire to greater heights of divine knowing that you can be propelled further along your path in spite of and despite the myriad obstacles which seek to impede your course and divert you from undertaking and fulfilling your divine purpose.

Let me paint you a picture. The lighted path is paved in glittering baubles of resplendent Holy light, unseen yet very much visible to those who see through inner eyes. Clarity of understanding and purpose is yours so that you see your destination. The more you see the greater is your speed to advance toward the shore of divine fulfilment.

It is not easy to walk the lighted path, as beautifully paved as it is.  Although the path is clear if you can see with your inner eyes and be guided by your inner light, it does not mean that you will not face the pains of hurdles flaring up along the way. Those who bear the champion's torch will know how to surmount these worldly impediments. That is all that they are- earthly obstacles, never spiritual obstacles. They will be powerless to affect in any real way you ones of light.

Earthly obstacles are easily removed or overcome by the attitude you confront it with. Light and Love seems to be so perennially used by many that it appears so trite now But it is the answer dear one. Love and Light and all its nuances, if well understood, are what will dissolve the seemingly onerous obstacles. See these obstacles for the mirages that they are- Unreal. Face them with the mirror of reality and watch them disperse. Your perceptions aggrandize these obstacles. Delete your senses if you could and focus your God mind on them. The resulting view will be different I assure.

The path of light holds fine stones of faith and is surrounded by the aura of knowing. The host of divine virtues can be tapped into as you cruise through your experience. But you must cultivate what you in your world call tunnel vision. You cannot lose sight of the light for a moment for to do so will cause a distraction and the dark will use the opportunity to pounce on you, overcome you and keep you subdued and under its autocratic control. They will steal your freedom, fill you with guilty thoughts and inspire fear in you that you feel you must follow the path of darkness so that you can survive this life.

You cannot walk the path of light and dip to taste the treats offered by the dark. To do so makes you vulnerable to consistent dark attacks. Your inability to see them does not mean they are not looking for easy prey. So vigilance is the order for those who walk the lighted path.

Dearly beloved children of God know that he sees each of you as a blessed creation. He sees you as God and knows you are the light which carries the bountiful treasures and power of His light. He has faith in you that you would turn to your inner light and seek His perpetual guidance that your journey home will be bathed in the radiance of His very being. You the vessels of divine light are the ones who will reach down on the sides and give your dark brothers a hand back onto the path of light, the path of truth, the path of God, the only path there is to home.

Choices, choices, choices. You were all born of the light and therefore to know that you are light and defect to the dark is deliberate. Is it irrevocable? No it is not. For God will always welcome his children back on the path of light and tend to them with great care that they may be restored and healed to continue their journey. Perish the thought siphoned to you by the dark, that if you defect to the light you will be coming back to harsh punishment. Well dear ones, God is never a punishing Father. The dark has lied to you. God is a Father of mercy and compassion.  He will welcome you back into his fold of light most lovingly. There will be many angels holding your hands so that your footsteps become steady and sure once again.

Do you dark ones want to choose the long way home? Well you can but your lives will be filled with a stream of indifference, disunity and challenges. You will each time remove yourselves from your true being and will suffer yet more setbacks. You will all be coming home, so why not choose the path of light now so that your journey may be expedited.

You will be met by great applause. The heavenly auras will place you in the spot light. Many will rally around you with loving thoughts and extended hands. You will be held and fussed over until you get your bearings and feel comfortable to walk confidently along your path.

Choose us now; come home to us for you are so precious. The Father's love knows only forgiveness. Choose Him, choose You, choose your Sovereignty rather than that of the dark ones who seek to keep you buried in charcoal and darkened quicksand. We have come to rescue you. Take the light that is offered to you, for it is your salvation. You are a light, do not hide it any longer under the veil of darkness.  The light will give you life eternal, the darkness will give you sure death.

I am Belbin

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©2005-2018 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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