The New Edition
By Machiventa Melchizedek and Hazel
Mar 13, 2011 - 11:13:40 AM

The New Edition

thru Hazel

I AM Machiventa Melchizedek and this is one of my rare introductions for I seldom come forth in this direct way to usher in messages. Yet a new awakening is being born into this child who carries the Melchizedek gene. She feels me this morning as a subtle vibration around her auric body. She is being prepared now to take up the Melchizedek torch to carry out and throughout the works of Our order in this physical stream. She aspires to the greatness from which she descends and shall bring forth the teachings of old that the knowledge of light within each through the self of the God conscious ones, shall increase. The approach shall be a direct one through the teaching of inner communion with the force that each is, through the dynamic of the God presence born within every mind.

Light flows within and is stored in a spiritual catchment or reservoir, to be drawn upon by those who can reach it, that they may begin the filtering of that light throughout their entire being to be used in the wake of their alignment with the Divine Will.

The light I speak of is the Christ Light pooled within each in its purest state in readiness for flow. It is the desire of each within to discover their Godliness that will create a vibration and movement of this light and transfer stillness into motion, being the movement of that light in a state of unfolding. The gentle stream will in time become a steady river that will eventually break through limitations to enter into the wider ocean of enlightenment that the chooser becomes fully infiltrated and surrounded by that flow of constant God energy.

Polarity within, through perception , is stemmed and there is a monistic flow through feeling and knowing , which will create a dynamic blend of physical and spiritual until the physical becomes forgotten through the emancipation of the spiritual and all that is left is a feeling of purest energy that is untouchable. Why do I say these things to thee at this time you may ask?

The revelation of Light is about to be at its highest known to you, as you enter a diasporadic period where the inherent energies of darkness shall be polarised from the energies of Light. Many shall be magnetised toward their inner Light as the impending Wave catapults man in to the throes of God’s love and understanding. The calendar is almost at its end and the days as you know it are marked off as you prepare for the Wave of cataclysmic proportions from the universe of non time.

Geography as some of you know it will hold no relevance as you are washed in the entirety of cosmic love and enchantment. The cosmic prism shall reflect throughout the universe as the face of God radiates throughout creation breaking though the barriers of self imposed separation to meld with HIS creation. Many at this point shall find their feet in spirit as a bright new morning breaks in rediscovery and the tones of darkness recede. This is the day that the spirit of man has been awaiting notwithstanding an inability at the human mind level to comprehend or even believe.

This shall be a time of the joining of all beloveds and for those who are in the knowing, shall experience new horizons of unity as the mergence with Divinity strikes the core of their being. Oneness shall be understood through the feeling brought about by the Wave, yet only a few will truly experience the ultimate degree. Yet all will be affected to the degree of their awakening and understanding. This is what WE call “The Great Divine Shift”.

The Wave that is now upon thee should be conceptualised as bringing forth a NEW EDITION. The Old Book of earthly existence has forfeited its life span through expiration of time and Divine Ordination. What is going to be introduced is a brand new version which will dispel falsities of the old and introduce the reality of truth. The framework of this new edition shall be the energy of the ONE. The New Book has already been published and is making its way to you now. It is free of charge and almost ready for the experiencing. Prepare yourselves to partake.
I leave you with this Truth: Wisdom is the growth of the seed of God awareness into the blossom of God Knowing and Being.

I AM Machiventa Melchizedek and I announce that the Glory of God will soon be amongst thee.

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