I bring today a new perspective to the concept of Pilgrimage. Its intonation and meaning for you on mortal grounds is a journey to foreign and far places well esteemed for historical holy events. Many travel long distances to places well documented as being the holding places where epic events manifested. 

The question is, why does man feel the need to partake in pilgrimages? Reasons may vary from seeking inspiration to discovering one’s self, the need to experience ‘holy’ energy, participating in re-enactments or just being present where renowned figures walked, worked or lived. The enjoyment or enrichment which man may receive from such pilgrimages is by no means undervalued. Some pilgrimages may have indelible impact on those who participate. The truth however is, comparatively speaking, physical pilgrimages yields little in respect of mortal transformation. It becomes a story for one to tell later on rather than an experience that has profound and enduring results.

I am here to enlighten you to another view. Your mortal sojourn does indeed have a spiritual bias. It is intended that during your mortal incarnation you will discover your true self- being the God of you, your authentic identity and cultivate a relationship with the God incarnate. A spiritual evolution will begin which will enable you to be placed on your spiritual path using the physical body as a vehicle to attain higher consciousness. The whole purpose of your life on earth is to rediscover your link to God and to seek inner guidance as to how He fits into your purpose on earth. Many times you have heard that the earth provides a learning ground where you can establish yourself as a God-being and seek and earn God mastery.

You may certainly seek inspiration from past events and even benefit from the recollection or the witnessing; but observation of what has transpired in times past will seldom provide the food for learning necessary for you to discover your identify and live your purpose. That can only be accomplished through the taking of an ‘inner pilgrimage’. You as children of God bear holy terrain within you. It is this terrain that you must necessarily traverse as you take that pilgrimage from the physical dimension of your being to the spiritual essence –your soul’s source.

This inner pilgrimage offers a wealth of opportunities as you journey to rediscover your source or what we shall call your highest self. You will have to transcend familiar terrain of the physical and breach barriers to higher understanding before you are able to begin the exploration of the celestial part of you. This dear children is a wondrous pilgrimage to take. It can last as long as you desire it to. As you journey inwards the path can become difficult at times in that there may be impediments along the way that will slow your journey or discourage further progression. Yet it is the most rewarding journey you shall ever take. This travel will cost you nothing, except time, energy, desire and love.

What you will become re acquainted with is in fact knowledge well known to spirit which re-awakes within you as your journey continues. You will meet along the way many who are willing to guide you deeper and deeper into your true consciousness; that you may eventually find your dwelling place in a domain which offers you complete balance, love and light. Never will you be a lonely pilgrim for when you initiate the inner pilgrimage you enter into a flow of energy that if sustained with eventually fulfil you. You will come to know the great life force you hold within and this will usher feelings of completeness. 

Where does the pilgrimage lead you to eventually? Simply, the Kingdom of God which dwells within each of God’s children; a non physical arena where bliss, inner harmony, purity and unclouded love exist; where indescribable peace reigns and where you will glow in the knowledge and comfort of your immortality.

I trust that you are able to understand now how necessary the inner pilgrimage is; for you cannot discover your self or align with all that is holy unless you find and know yourself. You can only accomplish this through the taking of that inner journey- the one true and decisive pilgrimage that each child of God will have to take before he/she reunites with the Source. 

Uriel is here in the reflection of God’s light. He brings the helmet of peace and tells the children of God that the way to paradise requires the taking of an intense inner pilgrimage. 

Blessed be thee who can understand and know the truth of these words.