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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

The Nature of Timing-'My hour has not yet come’-‘My hour has come.’
By Christ Michael thru Hazel
Sep 15, 2011 - 11:08:51 PM

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The Nature of Timing-'My hour has not yet come’-‘My hour has come.’ Christ Michael

These words were scripted as words I repeated several times during my earthy incarnation. Indeed it was all about timing then and it is all about timing now. MY reference to time is not in respect of the temporal existence of daily measurements but simply readiness in terms of appropriate events and frameworks in place for the unfolding of the master plan. Timing is therefore referenced to preparedness.

Time as you know it is fickle. It bespeaks of rigid adherence to notions and expectations which may or may not materialise. The divine plan is not governed by time but by other grander elements, many of which you will not comprehend. A synergy must exist in the energy spanning the universe of time and space and I will know when that time is here.

Certainly however, your planet is in the throes of momentous times of change. The clouds are lifting now allowing the light in with the hope that man will find his sight. In fact this has been the order of things for a while now bearing however little fruit. The resulting response to the light has not been as effusive as expected. Yet even God cannot and will not control how and when man decides to awaken. The planet operates in cycles and it is no secret that her cycle has in spirit terms ended. The wrapping up work is taking place to engender the plans to fulfilment. I AM not here however to speak to you of the timing of events. You ones have become too accustomed to linear perspectives and this has created an impediment to higher understanding of cosmic workings.

I want to emphasise the need during these changeable times for each child to consider whether his or her time has come and what the implications are for you in this respect. 

Deep in the consciousness of each one is a light that will burn with desire so brightly when the time has come, that it will be a hunger too great to be left unsatisfied. If you remain in communion with the Source or with ME, you will be in no doubt as to the certainty of this eventuality when it occurs. Every part of you will literally scream-my time has come. For what you may ask? Simply to serve the divine will in a way that suits your skills, talents and abilities. You will simply know.

Service has many dimensions to it and God does not compare how one serves in comparison to another. The concern lies in the motivation of that service. For God accepts the path of each differs and the endowments of each will differ. 

Every moment in your life is precious and must not be wasted. This is your life, you must make of it and with it as you choose but preferably in accordance with the greater will. You cannot abandon life, you live life, you enjoy the blessings in your life and you create the reality you seek in your individual world. 

I walked this earth also as man and I endured many experiences. I too was eager to start my mission or ministry. Yet the will of my Father took precedence. HE knew what I had to accomplish before I was ready to complete the task at hand and return to assume Sovereignty of Nebadon. Always was I in communion that I would know when the time had come for ME. The years preceding that was spent in humble acknowledgement that I needed to grow and learn from my experiences and face life head on and full on. I engaged in a humble yet fulfilling livelihood. I partook of physical work which kept my body fit and mind active. I also took the opportunity to engage in a private ministry without ceremony. I helped where and when the opportunities presented themselves. I remained committed to the guidance of those who sought it from ME. 

I did not hide away from the world. I was inclined to know the peoples of the world, to understand humanity if I were to determine the way to help them understand my Father’s kingdom. I had to understand their motivations, expectations and desires. I turned away no one yet was carful and wise in my dealings with all.

The journey on earth was never promised to be an easy one but you cannot run away from it because it does not suit your purpose or because it becomes exhausting to deal with.

If your hour has not yet come, then I suggest that you evaluate your life and find your passion and determine how best you can prepare yourself to further and develop your passion. Stay attuned to MY energy within you and I shall lead you to make a healthy contribution. I urge you MY children to enjoy your experience for many of you shall not be returning to earth after the changes manifest. 

I say to those of you who know that your hour has come, you must resolutely acknowledge it and take up the baton of truth and begin to live your purpose. Readiness is a signal of spiritual preparedness and confidence to assume greater responsibility in MY name. It requires total relinquishment and surrender to spirit. You must not only desire and have the motivations to serve but also be disciplined in your efforts. I have precious few who are firmly committed and I need those of you for whom the bell has sounded to seek counsel as to how you can go about MY business fearlessly. Many of you have come for this very purpose so do not ignore the call. 

This is a time when your faith will be put to the test. I have never and will never forsake my faithful. In all things trust ME but do not use MY plans as an excuse to bail out from your responsibilities. If you seek ME I will guide your path and show you the way to a fulfilling life. I will sustain you when you choose the divine pathway. 

When your hour has come you will do as I did and seek total communion with the Source; that you may be given instructions and directions in service. I will give to you the wherewithal that you may satisfy MY plans for you. 

Life cannot be viewed as a burden but as a blessing and you are here to find the pleasure of God in all things and be a beacon of light and joy. You are to be the exemplars today that will lead the blind out of bondage. Strengthen yourselves in my armour .You are the courageous ones who are streamlined in MY energy. If you cannot sustain now how will you sustain when the going really gets tough. 

Christ Michael is not here to rescue you- but to work with you to help you rescue your world from the clutches of darkness. It is thus imperative that you shine your light as brightly as you can for this is much needed now in a world that has grown very tired and has become weak under the governance of the dark.

I AM your Father, ONE with the Paradise Father whose will shall be done. Perfection is the order of Paradise and this Divine Plan shall be executed with precision and perfection. Time cannot purchase perfection if readiness is not achieved. 

PS: form Hazel- CM is not mentioning anything to me about timing of stasis. HE is not saying. This was not the focus of the piece. HE obliquely refers to the divine plan etc


This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thankyou, Candace.


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