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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

The Faces of Karma
By Hazel
Sep 2, 2014 - 9:05:15 AM

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The Faces of Karma  Transmutation Resolution and Ascension




Karma is created and collected and eventually cleared along the diverse and myriad journeys we have throughout our incarnations. The term Karma in its simplest expression is coined to reflect the Universal Law of Cause and Effect or choice and consequence. It is energy or consciousness in action. Karma is created through choices the incarnate expression of the soul has made during its many lifetimes which go against Divine Right Order and the Natural Laws of the Universe.

In this piece I am going to draw on my broad study of material which in some way discusses the workings of the Law of Cause and Effect, as well as from the various healing modalities I have trained in and practice.

The understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect that many have on the Earth is extremely limited. Karma is associated with punishment, retribution and justice, when in fact, it simply involves the re creating of balance. The idea that one must walk the karma from the past and pay the debt through some form of onerous punishment before it can be released is the typical perception of those not educated on the subject. Indeed, one has a choice to walk his/her karma from the past, however, there are others ways of releasing or transmuting Karma that can accelerate an individual’s personal ascension.  The spectrum of how karma is created is broad, in that it can range from a choice to perform some gruesome act to the simple choice to judge self or another instead of offering forgiveness and love. In all cases the choices will inevitably not uphold one’s divinity or nature as a divine being, and will not be congruent with the will of one’s Higher-self.

I will address different forms of Karma which exist and discuss the various ways in which they can be cleared at this time.  Prior to this I wish to state, that before each incarnation souls must go before the Karmic Board where they receive their karmic allotment for each lifetime. The Karmic Board assigns souls to families and communities measuring out the weights of karma that must be balanced. Bear in mind however, that many souls who are incarnated on the Earth plane at this time have had very few incarnations here and they had to be assigned karmic imprints before they incarnated. I learnt this through my work with Dolores Cannon when I trained as a QHHT. In this case the Karma is not created but assigned for the purpose of the incarnation. Many of these souls have missions or a divine purpose to fulfil which may vary tremendously.  Of course they can create karma through their choices in this life.

Additionally, some souls take over the Karma of others for completion on this planet. It is  usual  for certain Pleiadian souls incarnating on Earth to leave the Earth for other star systems by executing a ‘karmic dump’. This involves them persuading other Pleiadian souls to assume their karma for completion. In this case the soul that agrees to take on the karma of another will have what is called negative unjustified karma which I discuss below.

The Karmic Board acting in consonance with the individual’s I AM Presence and Christos Avatar (Christ) self determines when the soul has earned the right to be free from the wheel of Karma and the round of rebirth. I would say that this applies to, as yet, un-ascended souls. Indeed, for one to ascend into higher dimension one is required to clear at least 51% of their Karma.

Karma is not only created through one’s choices. We inherit karmic imprints from our parents at conception through the DNA. In the DNA template we were supposed to inherit the masculine from Father in the right helix and Feminine from Mother in the Left helix. Due to distortions in the DNA Template we inherit from both parents in both helix. Every single one of our parents’ issues passes down to us at conception and it is stored in the DNA.  If not cleared and electrically disengaged we can end up being similar to our parents. We inherit from our parents issues and beliefs such as lack and limitation, poverty consciousness, unworthiness, undeservedness, victimisation, prejudice etc.  Although these imprints may appear to be genetic, if we choose to exercise our free will to act upon them in a way which goes against DRO then we create further karmic imprints for ourselves. We do not have to actualise them even if we inherited them.

We also inherit the Earth’s Karma. The Earth has her own spirit and karma. As a civilisation we are now experiencing the boomerang effect of the karma man has created by plundering and abusing the Earth. The increased spate of wild fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados are just a few examples of global karma beginning to make itself felt.

We also inherit the karma of the Collective. I want to speak about holodynes in relation to the Collective. The way consciousness forms into patterns of behaviour can be more clearly understood in terms of holodynes. Holodynes are like computer programs that control our patterns of thoughts, feelings and actions. We inherit imprints from the Collective and the Collective field of consciousness heavily influences us in many ways.  When we clear the programs inherited from the Collective and unplug from the collective consciousness then we cannot be affected by the collective.   Fear is an example of a holodyne that we inherit from the collective.

We also have simultaneous incarnations in different time space zones which are all connected to one DNA template. This can result in karmic bleed through from one of our eleven soul extensions who are still in incarnation. Usually a soul (Soul Matrix) manifest into 12 simultaneous incarnations. This bleed through can emerge from the past or future. An example of this is that karmic bleed through can manifest as physical symptoms being experienced that are not in truth your own. If another soul extension is close to transitioning, you can be experiencing this or running some of their karma through your physical body. When the DNA template is cleared we clear the time line and destiny of all destinations.

There is also what is referred to as negative unjustified karma. This is karma which creates consequences long after the choice has been made and has been worked out. The soul keeps the karma open and incomplete in their Akashic records as a reminder of the past choice which they perceived to be a terrible mistake. In other words, the soul feels that it has to learn a lesson even though it has already ‘passed the test’. When this happens the same circumstances will keep showing up for a client and they will feel as though there is a broken record in their lives.

So how does ‘Karma’ express itself energetically?  Divine Right Order (DRO) is reflected in organised coherent energy whilst Karma in contrast is disorganised incoherent energy. When the organised flow of energy becomes disturbed such as when one exercises one’s free will to make a decision or choice that goes against DRO or in a way that is incongruent with the natural laws of the Unified Field Physics (through which all things in the cosmos are energetically connected), this results in the creation of miasms (vibrational dissonance).

Miasms are "Frozen Light" reverse polarity-charge units. Think of it in this way, light is meant to flow harmoniously but when choices are made against DRO this prevents the natural flow of energy-frequency-consciousness; and units of consciousness that forms the base for anti-particles (opposite charge to particles) becomes crystallised in one’s morphogenetic field. The build up of crystals in one’s Morphogenetic field (MF comprise templates of conscious light and sound which serves as blueprints on which matter form and conscious identity will manifest) due to incongruent choices is referred to as the Miasmic Body or Karmic Imprint. The content of the Miasmic Body or Karmic Imprint becomes holographically projected into the body, mind and 3-dimensional life experience through the inherent natural laws of multi-dimensional manifestation.

Simply speaking Karmic Miasms or Karmic Imprints manifest as energetic twists in one’s morphogenetic field which blocks the harmonious flow of energy and results in separation or polarisation.

The Miasmic crystals I referred to above builds up from lifetime to lifetime within one’s morphogenetic field, DNA, physical body and consciousness. This obstructs the natural evolutionary process by impeding one’s ability to integrate the consciousness of one’s Soul and Oversoul. Ultimately it affects the ability of one to ascend.

How do Karmic Miasms or Imprints affect us? All conditions of disease, conflict, pain, anguish, and suffering are the direct result and manifestation of vibrational dissonance of individual consciousness with the God Mind. Karmic miasms (which is vibrational dissonance) therefore, can manifest in diseases and illness. Remember, that the twists in the energy field which is a result of the Karmic Imprints, affect our energetic circulatory system and this can create disease and illness. Karmic Miasms can lead to molecular compaction which is the cause of death. The Karmic miasms prevent the primal life force energies from coming in and therefore the auric field, DNA, and thus the physical body cannot receive and synthesise naturally the normal currents from the soul.

Karmic Miasms affect our thought process in that, due to the reverse charge in a person’s scalar field it interferes with what the person may wish to attract or realise. The person may find himself or herself in what is called a karmic loop which involves the re occurrence of similar experiences which go against the grain of that which the person consciously intends.  It is possible that the person may be attracting the same issues time and time again or even certain types of people.

Even if one’s choices are currently congruent with DRO, it is worth remembering that one’s Karmic Imprint- past life choices( unless cleared or released) are still being holographically projected into the body, mind and 3-dimensional life experience. This can result in the situation described in the above paragraph, whereby a person remains confused as to why certain things keep occurring in their lives.

How is Karma released or cleared?

There is a school of thought that postulates Karma created through choice cannot be cleared because the ‘law’ cannot be cleared. Yet it is not the law that is being cleared, it is the effect.

The Violet flame which is the seventh ray aspect of the Holy, known as the sacred fire that transmutes the cause, effect, record and memory of sin or negative karma has been bequeathed just for this purpose. It is known as the Flame of transmutation, freedom and forgiveness. Certainly, if one is aware that past choices may have infringed Divine Right Order, then one can utilise the Violet Flame to transmute the consequences and to forgive self as well as others, and in so doing clear the karmic imprint they incarnated with. Given the significance of this time in the Earth’s evolution, I certainly believe that the Violet Flame was given to accelerate the clearing of Karma to prepare souls for their ascension.

The conventional method is to "walk the karma and make appropriate choices in this life time", which serves to heal the karmic issue (dissolve the associated Miasmic imprint) as the projection manifest in the 3-dimensional life.

Unfortunately, the build up of the Miasmic body in most humans is so convoluted that the issues upon which "better choices" could be made are rarely clear or identifiable. In most cases the Miasmic Body becomes reinforced and expands in the present life, as the same disharmonic response patterns are repeated, due to the pull of the Miasmic imprint on the mental and emotional bodies.

Another method of dissolving the Miasmic imprint is to combine its disharmonic holographic projection with its corresponding harmonic projection in visualization practices. In this method, the disharmonic content of a present-life drama is tracked back to its original incarnational point of creation, then visualize as if the opposite, harmonic action was taken in the past. I would say this can be done through Past Life Regression or QHHT. This constitutes healing the present by changing the morphogenetic program of the past, as it is stored in the DNA.

Since the Karmic Miasms or Imprints are "Frozen Light" reverse polarity-charge units, the transmutation of the Miasmic Body can be achieved by reversing the polarity charge of its crystallizations within the morphogenetic field and DNA, which dissolves the Miasmic Crystals. Through the process of fusion and fisson the karmic content is transmuted into inter-dimensional light/sound/electromagnetic/scalar wave spectra, progressively freeing distortions to allow for dimensional ascension.

Kamic Imprints are energy patterns and therefore can be transmuted using energy. This is in fact the fastest way to transmute karma. Using energy, the polarity of the Karmic Miasms can be reversed which results in the crystallisation dissolving. The re-ordered energy is redirected into the DNA.

Therefore, it is not necessary to walk the karma of the past or to continue to carry that which you inherited from parents and ancestors.

The final point I would like to make is that Karmic Miasms contribute to the creation of the Shadow self. The shadow self
affects one’s abilities, understanding, cognition and interpretation of life’s experiences. The Personas related to the Shadow self can create difficulties in fully realising and expressing one’s fullest Avatar identity and being consistent with one’s Christed potential.These personas include amongst others the Martyr, Victim, Perfectionist, Diplomat, Sybarite etc. These too can be cleared using energy.


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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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