In the wheel of eternal life there lies a rhythm, a natural inbred circuitry which pulses and extends in waves to create the Circle of Life. From the centre, an acapellic tone is emitted that radiates a harmonic surge that peters through the universe.

This tone becomes the conduit which transfers and translates the universal Father’s expression through the ethers. It is the base from which this vibration resonates. The cosmic rhythm generates from the Source- the Centre of ALL

Receptivity is the ability to receive and internalise these rhythmic energies that allows for the experiencing of the rhythm of the cosmic wheel. Your planet is not yet within this wheel as the rhythm upon which she currently rides is underpinned by vibrations alien to the Source. For man in his mass is unable or unwilling to receive of the rhythm shared. This has been to his detriment. Matters have escalated to the point where it has become difficult to receive through the density which has veiled the earth through the work of the minions of all that is inimical to the ONE.

This is changeable through a re orientation of the earth’s dimensional landscape. It was hoped that the civilisation on earth would have created the atmosphere to enable the planet to enter into the wheel of life. This has not materialised and it is now left for the higher beings from advanced planets in the cosmos to assist. I categorically say that you must not mistake this act as a ruse or a game being played by those who are unfamiliar with your territory. The command has been given form Paradise and all who work on this enterprise serves the Will of the Source. Michael has been given the handle to this and HE shall turn it as HE sees fit; yet always within the context of this MY WILL.

Your planet has lost its original rhythm through the miscreations of man who have abdicated their higher status and chosen the path of destructive activity. The planet and the civilisation is tethering on the brink of chaos. The rhythm is broken and all is toppling. Indeed she has lost her balance for you Man have long lost yours. She is where she is because of you.

The sight of your world from the Paradise Isle is almost non existent for so darkened is she. Truly yours is a story of Paradise lost. Yet the Father will never abandon HIS creation or allow HIS children to wither from chosen or imposed ignorance. The Father has ordained that the planet be corralled back into the cosmic wheel and with certainty this is now being achieved.

The tone has been emitted again from your Source that will cause a shift and realignment as the rhythmic altitude of earth’s domain begins to change.

This is a call to the children of the light to set your antennas straight and on high that you may receive the cosmic rhythm and align yourself to suit. Man must now adapt himself to the rhythm of the changing planet. If his aspiration cannot match hers then he will by his own choice be placed in a cycle more attuned to his spirit’s needs.

Spiritual growth is now mandatory, a specialism indeed but not a choice during these precipitous times. I can only exhort you to heed these words.

The entire rank of humanity on the earth plane will feel and experience a changing of energies within and without- a revolution so to speak in all manner of things. The world is being remoulded now and upset will be caused, but so must it be as a prelude to the rebalancing. The chill of darkness is to be mitigated that the spasms of light may once again take hold to reform your world Let not the silence spook you into the belief that the status quo prevails. Far be it from that. Know that there is a hand that moves distinctly behind that silence and it is that invisible hand that shall BE THE CAUSE.

From the direct abode of MY plane I utter these words to you to bring home the relevance of these fortuitous times on your planet. An orchestration of omniversal proportions is taking place as the Planet earth is being prepared for lift off. You the inhabitants are offered the opportunity to experience first hand what LIFE is truly. Postponing the inevitable is to your disadvantage and discomfort.

The planet is poised to ascend to join the cosmic wheel once again. She will then amass renewed strength and espouse a new cause and be capable of responding to MY rhythm.

I ask at this final hour what will you choose? A cautionary word - time is irrelevant to this mission save as I have declared- be cognisant and vigilant for the events which transpire as the signal; for the hand behind the silence will move like the speed of what you refer to as lightening.

The Father has spoken.