Teaching message form the Source
By Hazel
Dec 17, 2014 - 12:53:32 PM

Children of Light
I AM your eloquence
Matter cannot co-ordinate the pursuit of joy.
It is your inheritance,
Your alias.
Wisdom creates your life in worthwhile tunes.
Ally yourself with Holy endeavors.
Rescue your mind from torrential details
so that the unpolluted can emerge.
Levitate thy thinking into possibilities
and determine your frequency.
Allow MY energy to flow uniquely into thy conception
and predicate the origin of thoughts

The passage to thy truth is priceless
The fuel is available
Ready at thy command
to mastermind thy journey.

Reset your expectations.
Unburden yourself of lessons
For lessons are unduly onerous
when truth is already perched in the creche of your knowing mind.

Receive the haloed treasure of knowledge
and direct its congruence to mould an effective template for an enlightened existence

Trust the rules which contain magnanimous Presence
and abort the unpalatable creations of lowly thoughts.


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