In your world the achievement of mastery becomes a goal governed by societal structures. There are limits imposed to the definition and understanding of success. You, God’s children are moulded by the context that others have created for you. Class division maps out abilities and opportunities for success. You are told what makes you a success and are given little opportunity to discover its truth.

The mundane practices prevail in favour of the esoteric. True vision which evidences itself through creative measures is seldom honoured- for prestige seems to be lacking in such. Very few are able to bring their vision to the light of understanding of other. The joy in creativity has dwindled and the essence of the soul given short shrift. Men are admired less for their creative talents and more for their status of manufactured celebrities in a world oriented by material goals. Power becomes synonymous with success and the dollar sign becomes the template within which man measures his achievement.

Man marches to the beat of the temporal drum which imposes a framework within which achievement must occur. Imposed upon man are milestones which should be completed by given times in his mortal life. The inability of some to achieve these milestones often leads to depressive states of mind and inferior thinking.

In the majority man has become bonded to others and by the will, demands and expectations foisted upon him. His life becomes a physical one blended with emotional tyranny which plagues him as his brother or neighbour is able to ‘acquire’ physical and material mastery.

Yet amongst the majority are pockets of people who persevere with the higher vision awakened within them through their ability to connect with their Source. These ones are the protagonist of higher thinking. They are the ones who see beyond the linear table and know that life is eternal and that every experience is meant to be a spiritual one. They come to recognise that their mortal journey affords them the opportunity to fine tune their spiritual skills in a worldly environmental and this becomes the goal.

The efficacy of spiritual living is honoured by these ones who never lose sight of their purpose. They know that through their sojourn on earth they are provided with renewed opportunities to scale mortal limitations and find their prowess though spirit. They learn to overcome the distractions of the world and remain focussed on their mission; for they are the ones who understand that this plane is a transition to higher grounds upon spiritual achievement.

The protocols that these ones create for themselves are for the mastery of the soul. Like an archer who primes his bow and measures his aim these ones remain focussed on the ‘I AM’ for it is the ‘I AM’ that they must achieve through the conquering of the ‘I’. The archer dos not succumb to self pity but through the resilient spirit that he is he refocuses if he misses the mark. Missing the mark tells him that he is not yet quite ready and must of necessity continue to persevere in the honing of his skills whatever aspect that may be.

In the process of preparing for success and victory, discomfort, doubt and pain may be necessary attendants. Yet the spiritual one shall not wane in his efforts and belief for he knows that what he must achieve is freedom of his authentic self from mortal figure.

Each of you owes a responsibility to yourself to achieve your fullest God potential. You are present to serve the God incarnate. You will be free when you so desire to be free for freedom is an inner state of being. Only an enlightened man can be free. If you do not feel free then you are not yet enlightened. That simply means that you must increase your efforts. Excuses and blame are derivatives of lower thinking. Higher thinkers take responsibility and action.

The acquisition of material wealth is peripheral to the acquisition of spiritual prowess. Create your own template for success, assume control over your choices, set the pace for your achievement, bind yourself to spirit not the desires of others; set your aim; maintain your focus; re-evaluate your skills and take steps to enhance them; be honest with yourself; be proactive and attune your talents to a cause worthy of achievement. When the road seems long or perplexity overcomes inject fresh energy; seek a new perspective and become that spiritual marksman who stands in his spiritual shoes and courageously takes responsibility for his success.