There is a continuous tendency for man to be dutiful to limitations imposed by himself or by others. Limitations create unnatural barriers which impede the graduation to higher levels of experiencing, knowing and being.

Frequently man defines himself, his worth and capabilities in the measure of the finite. He creates a mould for himself and lives within its parameters. Fear and unknowing, reticence and insouciance, disbelief and mistruth are what colours the thinking of man and breaches his right to achieve his highest potential.

Success for him is interpreted within the remit of what is ordinary, being the material or physical composite. He competes for what is bound in materiality and devises herewith the formulae for personal success. He seeks to master his material world through gain and stately yet transient power.

Lack of vision precludes him from seeing his mortal journey on earth plane for what it truly is. His body becomes his life and the material his world. Conquering in the name of both becomes his ultimate goal. Children you are spirit incarnate NOT body. You choose to incarnate to continue your ascending journey – which is a spiritual one. The achievement bears on the fulfilment of spirit not body. You are meant through the earthly run to rediscover your God mind and seek inner alignment with truth. Your mortal experience through the physical vehicle of the body is facilitating mastery of yourself. It is a spiritual journey in physical disguise.

What is mastery you may ask? It simply is the point of enlightenment where you are able to return to ONE will; where you are able to see the world for what it is and know that although you partake of it you are not of it.

Mastery of self is spiritual mastery, spiritual freedom in the manifested realm of Godhood where the alchemy of Oneness is experienced and Light is the all there is.

Be aware that though I speak of attaining self mastery you must know that you have not ever lost that mastery; you merely through perceived separation temporarily forgot it. As the subtle waves of spirit bring you into deeper remembrance of who you are, you will eventually recognise the power you bear within and seek to re align with that power and reclaim your mastery. The path to mastery requires the conquering of the poisonous machinations of the physical ego mind. Recognise dear ones that you do not fight against others but simply against yourselves as you submit to your perceptions and judgments which evoke overwhelming feelings and catalyses reactions counter to spirit. The more your give in to the world the less you honour your spirit.

Few have been able to create a harmonious relationship between the physical ego and spirit and this fosters polarity which often leads to extremes of behaviour at times. You are not expected to traverse earthly territory without the ego but if you seek to live a spiritual life and nurture self mastery, an inevitability to such, is the relegation of the ego through ones control, to its natural role, complementary to the bodies need for survival.

Think of yourself as corn on the cob. Each sheath which covers the corn must be peeled away. The peeling of the outer skin brings you closer to the core of who you are. The density of you lightens as the peeling unfolds and all that is left is the brilliance of the golden kernels firmly anchored in its spine. You are that golden light when exposed in your natural state anchored firmly in the ONE. Why would you wish to wear such onerous clothing when your radiant beauty, bounty, inner charm and reality serve you so much more?

Look at yourselves beloveds. How many more sheaths must be peeled away before you can declare your mastery through your very presence?

Self mastery is a discipline, a mandatory course in the syllabus in the University of Life so that when you eventually graduate you will be recipients of the prestigious GOM qualification - Master of Godhood.