This is a theme that is poorly understood and often construed within a limited dimension of meaning.

At the core of service is giving which should become the centre of every purpose you espouse. The social hierarchy created by man to solidify distinction by class has perpetuated a separatist culture ("societal schism") in which those who are deemed to be in service are labelled as servants, the very tone of which suggests inferiority. Ponder upon Leaders and followers, Masters and servants.

Service has thus assumed different levels of importance dependent on its nature and rewards. If you are each to contemplate for a moment the nature of your work, you may arrive at the conclusion that regardless of what you do, someone is being served in some way and you are being rewarded for it with what you term money. Service is therefore that which you do or give in return for a material reward. The cycle repeats itself infinitely. Some render in service more than they receive in financial reward; others render a lot less than that which they receive whilst some do nothing much and yet gain much.

There is neither balance in the rendering or the receiving. The scale is never balanced because the purpose is seldom balanced. Mans’ idea of service is conceived and nurtured within a capitalist environment which seldom endorses or reflects the true intent and object of service. There is much affectation and pretence in the way companies project their offerings in order to attract customers; yet few truly serve their customers because heart and soul is often lacking in the offering.

Commercial ambitions drive industries rather than a true desire to be service oriented. How ever could you expect anything that is different? Mans’ understanding of his place in the circle of life and creation is predominantly based on “ME” so the rest seldom becomes the focus in the equation. Industries and companies sprout terminologies such as equality and diversity yet they belittle it in its honouring as political correctness must be mirrored rather than be practiced. They create internal laws to govern their people yet they fail to comprehend and abide by the very law from which Equality and Diversity is derived that being the Law of One, a fundamental Law of Creation. Inability to truly know the essence of that Law has become mans’ downfall. For always must he feed his fragile ego by satisfying its need for superiority even if it means living a lie.

Man will know what true service is when he finds the god within him for only then will he know where his greatness lies and relinquish false needs which elevate him artificially above others. When he finds his god he will find true love and as he allows that love to unfold and blossom, its fragrance becomes a net that embraces all. When man can look at his brother and sister without a hint of mortal connection yet feel pricklings of love, then man will desire to serve his brother in whatever way he can without the demands of his ego pulling him in another direction.

The lesson beloveds is quite simple- service is the giving to all, without discrimination or distinction. Its reward lies in itself for when you serve your brother or sister you serve yourself, God and All and you trigger cosmic reciprocation as you are re-given that you may give again. When you give of yourself, in and with love, so too shall you receive.

Whatever the nature of your work, when you render your part in service, do so in the flood light of love and pure intent that your giving may assume a higher energy and impact the recipient in a way that transcends the material outcome.

Service bridges the gap between one another and cements the spiritual relationship between all. It should not be used as a tool of bartering but as an expression of love, respect and reverence for one and all. The true servants in your world are those who are the greatest for in their knowing they fulfil their divine purpose in and with humility empowered by their inner god.

The flavour of what service means in your world has soured through the lack of knowledge. As the horizon now comes forward to meet you the cycle must end. Renewal, through cleansing and purging will yield clarity that going forward in a higher understanding; man will grasp the simplicity yet poignancy of what it means to serve and align his thinking and actions accordingly. It is only then that your civilisation can be built on the foundation of love and Oneness, thereby giving humanity a chance to ascend and take their rightful place in the spiritual echelon within the universe.