These are my words to thee that you may know that you are that which I Am. How the tendency is that you forget, with excuse that your earthly lives create division in your thoughts, that you must separate the world you live in from the world you are from. You continue in your minds to live in a world which separates your earthly existence from your spiritual one when in truth there should be unification. I need each of you to bring the kingdom of God on earth and that can only be accomplished if you experience that kingdom within you. Then you shall appreciate that there is truly no separation and the infinite spirit resides where you do.

I am within thee and with thee and that is truly the end. I do not float above you like some ethereal distant being. I Am your centre, your very core. You ones keep creating an artificial distinction between what you call your 3 D life and where you would like to be. Can you not bring where you would like to be in the present through the I Am within? I speak not in terms of finite coordinates but in terms of your personal evolution; for your experiences can never hinder your growth only nurture it if you allow them to.

I am ever with thee and if you choose you can know Me as yourself. I am in fact your constant companion and when you can see from within you shall see and know My presence. Is it not prudent that you ones programme your minds to be consciously aware of this?

My children I shall remind you as many times as I deem necessary, for you must be the ones to live Me so that you can effectively teach others how to accomplish what you all think is a monumental task. Is it really a task to effort to be Me? Should it not be a relief to be Me? If you can perceive the being of Me in this way then your efforts shall be made with joy and knowing and not censured for the laborious task that you sometimes deem it to be.

If you could but remember who you are and seek in your moments to be yourselves your lives will graduate moment to moment in the sweet pleasure of my presence and there will be little possibility for you to forget. You will experience an automatic desire to harness My energy from within and you will progress your earthly tasks in and with delight and grace.

No task will be insurmountable if you will only recall the power that you are. To remember who you are you must know me and effort to keep the light of communion burning brightly lest it dims for want of perseverance. What you perceive as battles are my battles as I am within thee. If you rely on the rays of light within to provide guidance and assistance you shall receive that which you need to overcome your life’s battles and crises.

I desire that you see your presence in the here and now as your test that you be prepared for the challenges ahead, which will enable you all to graduate into life and light. What will it profit you to seek that which is to come when you must first overcome that which is before you? That which I refer to is the impediments within each which precludes you from breaking through the barriers of a limited consciousness that you may experience higher consciousness. How can you deal with what impends if you cannot be who you are in the present?

My children, like a Father would, it is my duty to push you to attain your fullest potential. It is appreciated that in your incarnation there are many experiences beyond your liking. However if you can through the power within address these experiences in light the division which you create in your living will fall away.

Surely the task at hand requires that you reach for the light within which is your impenetrable armour. Your days are becoming shorter as you wait for the changes which loom. I am asking that you use these final hours to bind yourselves to the light within and consciously apply that light every moment. As you effort you shall be effectively programming yourself to live in that awareness that you are a light and that light is all powerful, unquenchable and victorious in all things. That light will create for you that which you desire to be. If you desire to reap the benefits of the fullness of your light you shall and your efforts will be a labour of love and not a burden.

You my little ones must abandon the excuses for they do not fit into the trajectory of My being and neither does it fit into yours. For excuses create your discomfort. It is very simple. If you desire be like Me you can. The Father within each shall lead you every moment if you would but ask.

The saying that you are God must follow with the doing that your actions and words may be aligned and your life be a living well of goodness which springeth from the source within. Beloveds it is in the here and now that you must find your balance. Don’t you see that notwithstanding the impediments you face it is this environment that will truly offer you the opportunity to find your God light and be through your living, God.

The times ahead will require much from you and it will auger well for you if you can start or continue in the now to make every conceivable effort to have your God light shining all the time. Beloveds I am aware of the challenges that each of you face in your individual lives. How about you each make use of the God within with constancy and experience the miracle of you, the I Am within.

I wish you my children to see through panoramic vision and you can only do so if you see through your inner eyes, My eyes. I have not and never will deny you of that which you seek in My name that you may grow into Me. Wisdom and Presence is that which you are required to reap before you can be Me. How much do you desire this?

You should see an opportunity in every encounter with experiences as one to shine your God light. Strive to mitigate the effects of your less than harmonious ego and start seeing Me in all things. When you can do so you will be reminded every moment of who you are for every life force reflects Me.

This message to you my children is brought forth in the love of My being. Will you remember who you are that you may be that life which strums the chords of immortality and show through your living where God resides that others may be moved to find the God within and start their journey to be who they are?

My blessings I give to you my children. I delight in you and your experiences for I know that they give you opportunity to grow into Me . Will you not see your lives as a blessing and cherish each moment in the joy of knowing that through the I Am within you shall overcome.

I am Christ Michael and I come to remind you to ‘Remember Who You Are’. When you remember who you are and walk in the light of your sovereignty I feel it and the joy that I experience is beyond expression for then I know that My little ones are well and truly on their way home.

I offer these words to encourage you so please accept them in the spirit of the offering

Christ Michael