The type of “reason” I allude to is the sense of reason that you ones are expected and encouraged to exercise as you explore various portals offering learning on your mortal journey.

Reason is your ability to exercise judgement in order to arrive at a decision, conclusion or solution.

The term reason often conjures a limited construct of justification or excuses, something you give rather than an act or undertaking requiring deep thought and consideration.

Your world is predominantly predicated on the “proof criteria” meaning that every judgement is formed from the analysis of tangible evidence based on scientific reasoning. We see mans’ ability to reason heavily influenced by the material and therefore he lacks the insight to exercise reason where there are intangibles. As he has been so programmed, his reasoning credentials suffer in his inability to grasp the finer points or broader factors to be considered when making decisions or forming view points.

Discernment is a necessary aspect of the practice of reason as you cannot reason in certain contexts without being discerning. Discernment is the key to truth for it will lead you to the correct door behind which wisdom awaits. When you find that receptacle of wisdom it becomes the light which feeds your inner sense of reason, thereby enabling your conclusion, judgement or decision to be based on truth and to reflect that which is truth. Your confidence will then grow as you begin to “feel” that you have made the right decision or reached the right conclusion. You see dear ones reason which is underpinned by wisdom (an intangible) will lead to rightness; but reason underpinned solely by material considerations or self interest will seldom if ever culminate in rightness.

Reason is a gift given to man by God. Yet to effectively use this gift you need experience attunement with the bestower for it is He who shall give to you the battery of wisdom to enable your inner sense of reason to operate at its sharpest frequency.

Reason without wisdom becomes like a gypsy, unsettled and moving from place to place hoping that one day a home will be found to its liking. In the process of roaming your sense or reason becomes groundless

Man must find his ability to reason, in his wisdom, and must acknowledge this as the starting point. For when he can do this he begins to know that what he reasons is what is right. The knowing will dawn upon him.

Man begrudges himself great discoveries because of his limited ability to reason and the finite resources he thinks available to him to exercise his sense of reason. If truth be told the reason why man is unable to reap the highest reward from his ability to “reason” is because he fears to explore that which he cannot see and so he remains confined within a limited school of thought. A paucity of understanding characterizes his world and so his conclusions are often erroneous. Mind programming by those who seek to keep man in a state of perpetual ignorance has dulled mans’ ability to use his God given gift to ascend spiritually and scientifically.

Reason is the soul of rightness and if exercised as given above the soul remains vibrant; for rightness and the bid for it becomes addictive that man may ever more programme himself from within, the path to reason.