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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

By Nada thru Hazel
Oct 16, 2010 - 4:39:03 PM

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Progress- Nada

I wish to speak of progress on your earth plane as it relates to your individual purpose at this point. How do you ones know when you are progressing towards your goal, whatever that goal may be? Materialization of the goal is a positive indicator of progress or at least movement achieved towards fulfillment of the goal.

Yet progress will not only be measured through physical manifestation of the goal. Effort could be invested without physical signs appearing to prove attainment or graduation toward that which you seek to achieve. I need you ones to understand that progress must also be measured by an assessment of your efforts; for whether or not the goal is achieved your efforts are counted. You progress within yourself through your efforts. You learn in the process and grow regardless of the outcome. There is no failure, only progress, for the jewel lies in your efforts and the learning there from. Does this mean that you abandon the goal? Of course not, it simply means that you re evaluate the goal and that which you need to achieve it.

Progress is essential to you as in your plane it provides a sense of emotional comfort and encouragement that you can continue with expectation; and so it should be. This however is not always the reality and when attainment seems distant or inconspicuous your heart plummets in disappointment. Seldom do you ones look at the effectiveness of your efforts in terms of the wisdom gained from the experience. You ones measure success in finite terms as if the goal is ‘All' . What pleasure will you derive from the goal's fulfillment if you cannot step back after its completion and assess what you have gained from the process? Not all goals are meant to be achievable- some are meant to facilitate the learning of lessons which will then equip you to progress other goals.

Do you give up if the goal is not achieved or do you re assess what needs to be done in order to secure attainment? The cloud of emotions which you invite in when you perceive that there has been failure stymies your growth and ability to focus on persevering. Many a time you will be faced with impediments as you effort to move closer to the goal. These impediments are meant to help you progress personally and prepare you to attain greater heights of success; if only you can perceive it as such.

We above see the efforts that you make towards enlightening the masses in Truth. That Truth relates to many different aspects of your existence and is not confined to one area. There have been breakthroughs, dents, watering of seeds, sowing of seeds, reaping of results; yet in totality you may perceive that there has been little success in achieving that which many have set out to achieve.

Dear ones even the planting of a seed should be seen as a progressive step as seldom might any of you successfully win over one person entirely. The culminated efforts of many will do the job eventually. Progress may not be instant but cumulative and many hands will effort to the task to secure one soul for the return to light or progress therein.

You ones are facing a radical shift in thought patterns as deeper energies manifest in your realm. This is in preparation for productive changes that loom large upon your world. The time is now for you ones to de confine your selves from the limitations of your thinking, There is still too much ‘ in the box' contemplation when what you must of necessity do is take yourselves out of your human zonal pattern and start to envisage a picture that transcends mortal understanding. This requires a close connection with spirit- meaning the Great Spirit within you from which all wisdom dawns.

This is where true light will shine that you may see your way and understand the different facets of your experiences. Too much tunnel vision can impair true vision.

I invite you ones to consider this. If you would attempt to create and progress that creation to a final outcome, vision as well as effort, desire, discipline and persistence are necessary ingredients.

Yet acting without a plan will impede progress. In the conceiving of that plan do you act on your own impulse and knowledge? Surely this will in part assist movement. Yet self reliance without soul input will not ensure the quality of success that will sustain as if you were guided by the Great Spirit within.

True progress towards any goal will always require the participation of your higher being or God self . There is no eluding this. For your creation to be balanced and sustainable so must the tools used to create it. Your spirit is the fulcrum from which all effort and knowledge will lead to a balanced creation. Look at your world today. You might submit to me that many a man has achieved his goals. To what end do I ask? Is your world not crumbling like a poorly baked cake around you? Their achievements bear impermanence due to the faulty platform on which they were achieved.

I desire you ones to think about your current goals and those to come. Ask yourself these questions:
· Do I rely on myself solely to achieve my chosen goal or do I seek to co create with the Great Spirit within and in so doing access guidance that is premised on objectivity and balance
· Is my intent and desire poised on the fulcrum of purity?
· If I am to be confronted with challenges along the way will I perceive this as an impediment to the achievement of my goal or do I see this an opportunity to ascertain that which I need to progress within myself so that the eventual achievement of the goal is memorable, constructive and sustainable?
· Do I see myself as the only player or might I just have a role within the larger context of achievement? Is team effort necessary to ensure progression and attainment of the goal?
· Is the goal the ‘be all and end all' or is the journey, its trials and triumphs an added sweetener that the benefits of the experience match the elation of the achievement.

Must progress be always visible or can it be known? Children, the goal is already achieved; see it, feel it and know it. You must start from a point of knowing for that will allow an appreciation of the secret ingredient, being a comprehension that progress can never truly occur unless one understands the Great Spirit within and how that spirit's involvement is vital towards the attainment of the goal.

Do not feel that the tasks ahead can be undertaken effectively if you do not seek at every moment guidance from your inner source. Failure to consult divinely may result in feelings of discomfort and doubt as you seek to progress your goal. We cannot do this for you dear ones. You must of you own accord and wisdom know that all must be divine that the end result sustains. The goal, the effort, the love, the desire, the tools of wisdom and knowledge must all be divinely oriented.

I ask that you ponder these words that you may re evaluate your futuristic goals and seek to identify what you need to change or undertake in order to ensure that you are prepared at your best to perform and progress those goals.

I am Nada and I come to bring clarity on what ‘Progress' means and entails that you may broaden the horizon of your thinking and re evaluate your goals and the tools with which you shall achieve those goals


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