Prepare yourselves for the time has come
By AA Ariel thru Hazel
Aug 28, 2010 - 9:41:33 AM

Prepare yourselves for the time has come

- Uriel

The final bell is about to toll as we wave adieu to the old ways that have for aeons castrated the life of the emerald planet. She who has been crucified on the cross of greed, self serving desires of darkness and depravity will have the culture of divinity returned to her.

I have come to bring forth this message that you must prepare. The light is about to be turned on and you shall witness the defacing of darkness from your realm. Are you prepared to leave the den of darkness behind that the haloed body of light may replace its dying embers?

What does it mean to be prepared at this ‘junction'?

Mental preparation for the ‘welcome', the ‘expected' and the unexpected need be cultivated. You have been constantly forewarned of what to expect before the light could be returned yet we do not anticipate that you are. You cannot yet conceive the level of catastrophic activities that will befall through the cleansing actions of the planet. Mental preparation for the inevitable must be made with haste. You are expected to condition your mind to accept that pillars of what have stood for ages as infrastructure will be removed and will die a natural death before your very eyes. Will consternation be the response or will resultant exultation be followed by compassionate proffering to your brothers and sisters who dwell is the abyss of unknowing?

First you must prepare yourself to accept with as much grace as you can muster the calamitous effects of the earth's purification and then you must find your heart and soul strength to bring comfort and understanding. Do you beloveds truly appreciate what takes place when the cycle of a planet culminates? No you don't. You can only imagine vaguely from what you are told of fallen civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria. This planet will not fall, she will rise; but the dark and those that lack sufficient light will find homes elsewhere. Be prepared to lose acquaintances and even loved ones remembering always that you are not bonded by flesh but by spirit and spirit never dies unless it chooses the route of uncreation.

As a corollary to mental preparation you must master your emotions so that they do not overcome you in your reactions as to what will as a matter of necessity unfold. You must start the process of reprogramming your subconscious mind in order to temper your emotions. This is the opportunity to inform your subconscious of how you wish to respond to the impending events. It shall respond as you direct but practice is required and this can only be achieved if you commune dally with your subconscious and redirect it.

Do not envisage that you will have an easy task persuading those who are affected or unaffected by the events, of the truth. Many will remain with cloudy eyes and will not be able to see the bigger picture; yet expect that many shall awaken to the reality of just what is transpiring. It is about you finding comrades in understanding and joining forces in numbers that you may be able to effectively lead. I must caution you though that there shall be those who will not hear or follow and you must not allow these ones to impede your progress in helping others by allowing them to drain your energies.

There will be much uprising and uncertainty in your world as many will find their beliefs uprooted as they realize the foundation of lies have been the bedrock of your civilization. We ask that you see this as a natural part of the breakdown, cleansing and removal of darkness and chaos. It is prudent that you go with the flow whilst retaining trust in the Creator. Every moment that you can spend time in communion, we exhort you to; for it is communion with your God presence that will strengthen your mental and emotional resolve. We emphasize more vehemently now the need to remain connected; for this will create a feeling of balance.

You will notice that there are energetic changes taking place all over, including in and around you. You all need to pay attention that you may adjust your patterns and habits accordingly. You may have to change your sleeping or eating habits to afford you a measure of comfort as you deal with the changes taking place at this very moment.

Hold hands in spirit with your brothers and sisters around the globe, forge a mental connection and form an energetic circle of light and send forth the light in advance to those who will be affected by the impending disasters and those who are not in the knowing. Preparation in advance can shift the responsive energetic grid and alleviate what can be expected responses. As you have been told repeatedly you have the power to affect the flow and response of energy, for there is only One energy of which you are part and that is the energy of God.

I Am Uriel and I come at the behest of the Father to remind you that Time is limited and imposes a need for imminent preparation on your behalf. Let these words be your guide for the time of the great Fall and Rise is at hand.



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