The earth is in the throes of her final revolution around your sun as the cycle races to an end; literally and metaphorically. She has completed her time yet lingers to allow for the vestiges of humans to mount the spiritual ladder to enable the yield to be greater. She finds accord with the Greater Will. She has stayed the course with great effort and endured with great strength. She has persevered in spite of the odds and has borne both light and dark with grace.

She is akin to an athlete who agrees to complete many many cycles around an extensive perimeter and who keeps going regardless of the heat, the dehydration, the pain, the sweat, the physical weariness and the bombardment of negativity sourced by others along the way.

She is limping but she is going to make it across that finish line for she knows that there are many who hold high and great expectations of her. She is now dwelling in an insulated vat where all her energies are focussed on the finish line. She is not distracted by any surrounding events. She is beginning to accelerate as she can see the white line, a prism of pure light awaiting her. Even through her aches she can smile for she knows that she is soon to claim her freedom.

What is the lesson here for you ones? Do you merely rejoice in her choice and the direction which she has taken or can you see through the excitement the run she has had to make to get to this point? She has carried for aeons the weight of mankind on her back and she had to run the length and breath of the cycles with you all. She has been grounded under the burden of too many beings yet she has never given up on thee or sought to relieve herself knowingly of thee.

She agreed to undertake this task so that you ones might make the run also to find and grow into your spirit. Was it worth it? Was her journey in vain? She can account for her mileage; can you account for yours? Yes dear ones, how far and how long and how much effort have you put into your journey to achieve spiritual mileage? How much mileage in spirit have you covered? This is measurable by the level of attunement you have attained to the spirit of God within you and the level of mastery you have attained over yourself. I am posing questions to you at this time for all will be required to assess themselves; none shall be excused from this process. The time of balancing is here. Each soul will account for the measure of his/her growth for it is this that will earn each his/her next assignment.

There can be much joy in the journey yet without a goalpost there is little point as you become lost in your path –devoid of purpose.

Time is short yet every moment continues to count in your resolve to make a last attempt to push to the very end so that you can elevate yourself spiritually some more before the changes manifest. Do not surrender to your own expectation of when things may materialise- this is not a matter for your concern save for the purpose of being vigilant and aware of what is taking place in your world. Do not however let this be an obstacle; for the greatest development at soul level takes place through the experiencing and managing of obstacles. For those who are confronting hurdles, just as your earth has overcome hers so too must you overcome yours to reach the finish line. This is an opportunity for you to persevere in yourself and in your growth. This is not a time for complacency but pro activity in the unfolding of your own light. The obstacles, be it inner or outer are the facilitators for this. Bless the hurdles on your path for if transcended they add to your achieved mileage.

Blessed are you all, children of the Most High- but children you are merely not. You bear the grandeur of spirit within and must seek and be your grandeur. How many more cycles must you complete to achieve this. Let the evaluation begin.

I AM Father Melchizedek , come through my child to give you ones the push and encouragement you need so that you can reach the finish line at a respectable level of spiritual achievement.