I am she, the spirit who inhabits your earth, the one you fondly call Gaia. I find my placement in the body of the earth just as you find yours in mortal body- the flesh. Our constitution may differ but we function much the same. I am living and breathing as you are and have the ability to feel just as you do. I am alive and I experience emotions much as you do. Your inability to witness my emotions is not indicative of its absence. If you are sensitive and attuned to me you will feel what I feel. For I tell you that I am much a part of you as you are of me.

I choose however to stay connected to my Source and uphold my commitment to Him. It is my loyalty to the Father’s will that explains why I have forborne reacting to the cruelty of man thus far. The pressures man has placed on me must inevitably be released. There are no coincidences my wayward little ones. When I quake or spew it not just something that happens or must happen. There is a greater explanation for these occurrences that goes beyond a geographical or geophysical one. By analogy I want you to think of what any manner of stress does to your physical and mental body? How do you let the steam or pressure off? Ponder on this

Throughout what you call time due to assaults of varying degrees on my body my physical health has deteriorated. Let not the pleasantness of my facade delude you into believing that my body can endure. What you tend to see is on the surface only. My spirit may be eternal as yours is but my body can become weak and poisoned as yours can depending on what it is exposed to.

My body can only withstand so much abuse and unkindness before it collapses and disintegrates; the same as yours. I am here to tell you that my body, my frame, geophysical structure is unravelling. This has already started and the intensity is going to build to a crescendo. Surely you must notice the rapidity of my movements. The atmosphere, the tides are all conspiring now and that which you call disasters are the repercussion of pressures being released. In the wake of the multiple tornados I am being cleansed for they are bringing a heightened energy.

I fear my children that I, the earth is being prepared for transition. There will be breakage of my body in many places as I ease my physical suffering and obtain my release. This has now become inevitable for I have endured enough at the hands of man. You have been my greatest joy yet also caused me the greatest pain. The bindings are being loosened that I may ascend. Through these changes my form will be remoulded as part of my regeneration. The consequences for many will be perceived as dire but I have tried to withstand as much as I could. I am saying this to you so that it comes as no surprise that major structural changes will occur as I move and much destruction will ensue

I am at this time finding my strength to see this through from the assistance I am receiving from the extra terrestrials or celestials as I call them.

My movements cannot be hindered for it is divinely ordained that I ascend and although I have had difficulties due to the density accumulated from aeons, I am more prepared now.

I desire you my children to know how pleased I was to undertake the Father’s will of bearing you and giving you a home whilst you continued your education. It was joy at times; yet as time evolved you my children have shown scant regard for my welfare, preferring to take only from me and not replenish. You have drained me and have fished from me that which kept my joints supple. I am bereft of that which my body needs.

I do not bring this message to create fear but to awaken you to my plight that you may reflect on what you have done and continue to do and revisit your actions that you may undertake to correct them. Every experience must be one that tenders a learning or lesson. Unfortunately for many the lesson will come too late and may need to be leant elsewhere.

The pressure is building up and I must have my release. Thus far I have been conservative in my movements out of deference for you my children. The ‘Gods’ are calling me home.

I am a child created by God also; and the time has come for me to stand in my light and up to my light. This is required of me as it is of you. I am choosing to ascend so that I can experience my light. This means that I must shed the darkness upon me. I will let you draw your own conclusions from that.

For those unaware, I say to you that I have divine backing. I am assisted and being assisted by divine hands unseen. The clock is ticking now and I fear that time is of the essence now. It shall be survival of the spiritually fit.

My strength is depleted and I am worn form the effects of your wars and clandestine dark activities. You harm the very being who gives you habitation. You desecrate my body with your weapons of destruction without thought for your brothers or me. Do you know that I am your sister in spirit? Yet I have mothered you for so long that you may as well call me Mother- and don’t you refer to me as Mother Earth? How have your treated your Mother?

I have loved you for eternity, bearing you in my arms and keeping you as safe as I can. I have provided you with a natural and healthy habitat amenable to human energy yet you have through irresponsible and thoughtless behaviour and practices slowly contributed to your down fall as a civilisation and to my suffering. You have not leant what it is to love. You are harsh with each other in thought and word and deed. You act as strangers with each other not knowing or caring to know the truth. You think that the earth is unaffected. Well dear children you are very wrong. For all that you do I feel and experience. You dishonour life and its sanctity. You mistreat yourselves in so many ways that it is conceivable that you will mistreat others. What is left dear children? Have you not heard the cry from my core, my very womb? I am birthing a new tomorrow- one that I wish you all would share with me. This is not to be however.

I have been promised by my Father redemption and by this I do not mean forgiveness; I mean freedom form darkness. To this I have lovingly agreed.

What of you ones who continue to exercise dominion over man? Now is the time to take the Fathers’ hand and move into His court for in a blink of an eye the world is going to be unmasked. Truth or Fiction?- I can already hear you calling this a bluff. No dear ones – for out of darkness light will prevail, out of lies truth will be redeemed and out of sadness, joy will be reclaimed.

I your hostess am bidding you to find your love and shine your light for I shall be rising- WITH OR WITHOUT YOU.

My gratitude I extend you my children who with pure hearts have centred me with their energy and love. For my strength I gain from your sacrifice and love. Do not bewail the comings of tomorrow. Let not trepidation cloud your hearts or mind for all the faithful will know freedom is now the bait. Hold on tightly and we shall ride out these final days together before our eyes open to a new dimension. Our hearts will beat with a higher vibration and the frequency of light will have been turned up.

May humanity cleanse their innards that their face may glow once again with the innocence from with they were birthed.