Maher shalal hash Baz
By Christ Michael thru Hazel
Apr 14, 2010 - 8:32:27 AM

Hazel sent a note to clarify something in Rubens Message from CM, which you see posted previously.  There is a reference to a previous message from CM in Ruben's piece. This message from Hazel IS that previous message.  She lives in an earlier time zone. -C

Message from Christ Michael  thru Hazel

Maher shalal hash Baz- Meaning: plunder speedeth; spoil hasteth

(a name Isaiah was commanded first to write in large characters on a tablet, and afterwards to give as a symbolical name to a son that was to be born to him (Isa. 8:1, 3), symbolizing hope for Judah during the Assyrian attack on Damascus and Samaria.

Christ Michael

The tables are turning. The fish is coming out of the sea. The bad smell is emerging and everyone is going to sit up and take notice even those who do not understand. The balmy days are over dear one. Man will no longer be able to keep his eyes and ears shut and pretend that all is well or honky dory as you say.

The lies, deceit, manipulation, falsities and depravities are going to be finally seen for what they are. There will be little or no room for protestation as the evidence will be overwhelming and there will be naming and shaming. The world will watch on as the evil disintegrates. Man will realise that he is not a law unto himself. He will see the world as he knows it, crumbling around him and he will be powerless to change it. Why? Because it is too late. We have given man every chance to take our assistance and counsel but he has refused and now he will feel the upper hand.

The craters are churning, the earth rumbling. All of nature knows what is coming. Perhaps those who are asleep might wish to open their eyes and look around for you are truly in the last days. There will be a great culmination of events that will take place sequentially that will cause shock to the entire planet. Currently the shield is still up to an extent as we are monitoring the mother's movements. The shield is moved in accordance with divine discretion. There is an experimental phase to the preparation before the big turnover. There are scientific and spiritual explanations for the manner in which this orchestration is being played out. Everyday is one day closer to the manifested event you all await

I say Stop and Watch, Stop and Feel. Stop and listen. Do you not see the frenzy which abounds you? Do you not hear the crackling of the air? Do not feel the mother knocking? What inference or conclusion can you draw?

Is it not as I promised? Things are falling apart and the centre of your world cannot truly hold for much longer. Anarchy and chaos is going to reign. The thunderous echo of darkness will boom for the last time to make way for the lightening of divine force. Be Ready. Maher shalal hash Baz( Look it up dear one)

The curtains are about to be drawn. When the raging wars of nature start, there will be no stay. The silence will be shattered and the placidity replaced with chaos.

Be ready I say

These messages must come with the frequency I intend. You must answer the call. I intend to keep the momentum of these messages alive

It is I Christ Michael Aton and I place my seal on this message.

13 April 2010

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