Lord Melchizedek -The Hand of Truth wears the Glove of Freedom
By Hazel
Aug 1, 2010 - 7:52:58 AM

Lord Melchizedek -The Hand of Truth wears the Glove of Freedom

I have been forging connections with Father Melchizedek and he has brought this channelled message through me which I share with you.

Lord Melchizedek

For many the Truth is awe inspiring and once they come into its knowing they use it to fashion a life consonant with the God head for it is these ones who recognise that Truth is aligned only with God. Truth and God are synonymous. For others Truth is begrudged and holds little or no value in a world immured by the drudgery of lies and false teachings. You of the light have been pitted against the Truth and this has cultivated a culture of "acceptance" of what your prison guards and "would be" law makers tell you is truth. This is no coincidence but the result of a well orchestrated plan derived from and through the machinations of those who would render evil and keep you in the mire or sheeplehood.

The Truth has been caged and is fighting to be released into your consciousness but so many refuse to release it for their souls have become imprisoned in the darkness of ignorance. Many have reached the sad and immutable point of relinquishing the Truth as a result of the burial of their souls under piles of mistruths which have defamed its existence for aeons. They do not know themselves and therefore cannot know Truth.

When you choose to live in the abyss of cranial limitations, you secede Truth, for your brain senses that which surrounds your outer world and knows not any Truth. Your brain will never know the cosmic influence which directs Truth.

You are responsible for living in a world where Truth is in bondage through the chain of lies. In your world Truth is propagated yet treated with benign servitude. It is demeaned, used, abused and gasps for the very breath of life. This is the reason why your world dwells in confusion and suffers a lack of direction. This is why your planet is kept in a state of servility. If you ones would abolish the lies and decree against evil, the planet and its inhabitants can flourish. When one abides by the Truth, being God's Laws, ways and processes, one can only become a free, independent sovereign entity ready to claim the wealth which accords with being divinely sovereign.

Mans' preference is to create his own truth to meet his puerile earthly desires and provide that limp contentment and fleeting comfort to his psyche which bestows confidence in him that his chosen belief is Truth.

When God's Truth is abdicated the soul becomes dysfunctional whilst the ego of man boldly attempts to speak its truth. When will you on earth as a consciousness realise that you are stuck and are not advancing as is the Creator's will for you? Do you think that your technological advancements and enhanced glorified gadgets qualify you for graduation into higher dimension? Is this how you measure progress? These things you create keep you stultified and stagnated in the mud of unknowing, meaning knowing of the Truth.

You are not giving yourself a chance to materialise your essence. Your essence will only respond to Truth. You must initially come into an understanding of who your essential being is before you can awaken to its presence. It is only then that you will know what Truth is.

You ones refuse to accept the teachings of God time and time again because it does not fit in with your earthly agenda. I am here to tell you that it no longer matters whether you desire the Truth or not for it is given and will be continuously given until your souls respond. Sadly for most it may not be in this plane of existence that Truth is accepted and understood, but so be it.

I am sorry to burst the bubble that you ones live in but I will say to you that God's Truth is ONE AND ONLY. It is surpassed by nothing; it is immovable for it is still and eternal. It just IS. You cannot negotiate or change Truth; neither can you contaminate it for it will not respond to anything but itself. What you ones need to understand is that Truth remains Truth whatever, notwithstanding your attempts to dilute, exploit and tarnish it with the rod of narcissism. Regardless of this, Truth remains stoic.

Do you hear O children of God? I say to you that it is time that you come into the knowing of the Truth for the end times loom like a hawk over its prey. The end is ready to pounce on you and it is only an acknowledgement, acceptance and recognition of the Truth that will FREE your from the claws of the looming hawk. What will it be? Will you choose to see the Truth of who you are? Will you choose to acknowledge the Truth of your Creator's existence? Will you choose the light over darkness?

It is this one word "Truth" which carries the Divine Emblem that is your key to eternal life. Of those labouring under the misconception that eternal life is bequeathed automatically I must disabuse you of this fallacious thought. Eternal life must be earned for if you continue to deny the truth of your being, your soul's existence which bears the very God flame, you deny He who created you. In so doing you push Him out of the temple of your soul and forfeit its very life.

I admonish you ones most lovingly to relinquish the banner of lies, half truths and mistruths and uncloak the darkness which mars your inner vision. I ask that you refuse your captors hold and no longer be one of those three monkeys who are by no means wise. The deaf monkey cannot hear the Truth; the blind monkey cannot seek the Truth and the mute monkey cannot know or understand Truth. Your creator did not intend you to be Blind, Deaf or Dumb or all three. You are sovereign beings who bear the Truth within and must actively seek it that you may given in measure that which you seek and earn the right to enter the door which leads to freedom's path and eternal life. When you choose Truth, you choose God and you choose your immortality.

I am the one called Lord Melchizedek or as I have asked this child to call me father Melchizedek for she descends from my lineage and has petitioned me to come forth with a message in keeping with her divine mission. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to speak through her and wish all of you who read, blessings of love and knowing that YOU are who YOU are, the children of the Mighty One and nothing can change that save for your rejection of YOU.

I bid you peace

From Candace:

Hi Hazel! Lovely!

The Father Melchizedek is the first Melchizedek, created by CM and Nebadonia. Then the 3 of them create together the rest of the Melchizedeks and Hazel is an incarnate Melchizedek, so her higher self has it's creator, CM, Nebadonia and Father Melchizedek. You can read up on this in the UB, Paper 35, the Local Universe Sons of God. The Melchizedeks run the highest schools of Nebadon, all those around Salvington which are called Melchizedek University. And if you are an ascending Son of Michael, and are from the superuniverse or Paradise you attended all of those already!!! All 490 of them! for Paper 35. It covers not only the Melchizedeks but the Vorondadeks, some of whom are the Most Highs, and Lanonandeks, who are sometimes the Planetary Princes. And then maybe while you are at it, continue to Paper 36, on the Life Carriers.


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