Let the Christ Within be Risen-Nebadonia
By Nebadonia thru Hazel
Aug 8, 2011 - 1:36:11 PM

Let the Christ Within be Risen-Nebadonia

Each spirit is endowed with the character of God. It abides in its inherent energy being the Christ energy. It markets itself through the human body. It offers its wares through the human mind. It is a dormant energy until ignited by man’s desire to know himself and discover his roots.

The pattern of your life bears the blueprint of the Father’s presence; for all His creation is mirrored in Him. He respires through your very body and sits in the energetic centres of your physical form. He is the host of your spirit and the seat of your soul. He kindles the light of Himself with the hope that you will seize the opportunity to ignite the flame of God within and carry His torch on your journey through transitory territory to learn and ‘become’. He remains always your inner mentor and guide. He desires to be alive truly in the midst of your evolution that through every moment of your unfolding He can hold your hands and keep you steadfast and sure on your path towards Godhood. He is the living example that you are required to follow; yet His lead is never without, only within. 

The Christ is registered within your form and it is your desire to know Him and be like Him that awakens greater dimensions of Him within you. The delights of the Christ within await you that you may partake of His sovereign flavours and begin to accept Him as yourself. His energy, being the energy of spirit subordinates the flesh and unless you are attuned physically through your energetic centres you will experience Him through the mind. God is all Mind and it is at this level that you must endeavour to connect with Him before His essence is translated into governance of your emotional and mental perspectives. 

He enjoins with your mind offering you His thoughts that you may think with Him and that your thoughts and His become one, without differentiation. Do you not see dearly beloved children that you must reunite with your God mind, being the very Mind of God which finds a repository within you and you must become one with that Mind. It is then that you will truly comprehend what it means to be one with God. Creation started at the level of Mind and as a co-creator you must return to that Mind to experience God. I trust this makes sense to you. 

When you can think as the Christ does and these thoughts reflect themselves in your outward conduct and creations only then can you truly measure the extent of your appreciation of Oneness. Nurturing the presence of the inner Christ is imperative for ascension. You cannot do this without Him. You are not independent of God. The Christ you knew on the cross rose to reunite with His Father in Oneness after He completed his bestowal. The Christ within you must also rise if you intend to continue your journey through flesh into the purity of your very being to become One with God.

Christ is Light and light must always be your choice. The tendency to look at events on the outer plane as if darkness prevails there alone must be discarded. Perceptions of darkness initiates from within. Go within first and foremost and through alignment with the inner Christ cleanse the dark structures which create inner disharmony and impedes inner peace. How can your feel the living Christ working within you if you entertain dark thoughts, feelings and agendas? The journey into the deepest life of your soul may be a gradual one, but you are required to act with honesty in assessing where you are spiritually. Your spirit will never lie. Words are meaningless and intent must find its conduit through positive actions, reflections and creations.

This is a call to all- that the Christ within each of you must be risen that you can dwell in absolute truth. The Christ is the candle in your heart and will burn eternally if you allow Him to. He will indeed be your vision for He is your light. He will be your knowing for He is your mind. Yet He desires you to be the heart of God in this your lonely world; that if each desire, choose and work towards being the heart of God, the tune of unconditional love shall become the foundation for the rhythm of life. Call for the Christ within to enfold you in His consciousness and dwell in the stillness of his core to be refreshed, enthused and enlightened. Then give Him permission to be the life within you and allow him to live through you and surely then the Christ within shall arise.

O immaculate children of God why do I use this word for thee? Simply that is who you are. You have sullied the image of yourself through your own perceptions and in so doing you live in accordance with what you perceive; not the knowledge of God that you are One with Him and perfect as He is. If only you can fathom and hold this knowledge as your own, you will move mountains to accord with the truth. Be ye like unto Him for He is the cloth from which you were made.



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