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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Knowledge is the beginning of Wisdom
By PapA Source thru Hazel
Oct 21, 2011 - 4:42:48 PM

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Knowledge is the beginning of Wisdom- Creator of ALL that is- The Source  thru Hazel.

I AM the Source of all knowledge. I AM the repository of the golden chalice, the keeper of the knowledge needed for mankind to sustain on their evolutionary journey back to the Source.

The lessons learnt through the experiences in mortal incarnation provide the conduit to acquire this knowledge; for each experience is rendered that man becomes re acquainted with his Source by seeking illumination for the imponderables of the experience and a higher understanding of its creation. Man needs to appreciate why the experience was created so that he can overcome the liability and understand himself more. I AM poised in the midst of the experience as the goal of the lesson.

Yet many are unable as of yet to see as far ahead as the goal when their eyes are cast on the immediate consequences of the experience. That which is immediate always captures man’s attention. He seeks understanding through analysis and supposition. He remains perplexed and confused in his inability to truly comprehend. Each experience bears a lesson upon which knowledge is hinged; and if man can come into that knowledge he will be taking baby steps towards his ultimate graduation. I AM the ONE WHO can anoint man with that knowledge.

All knowledge is sacred. It is distant yet near, capitalised in your presence. The acquisition of knowledge is a choice. Always must you deliberately and by design seek it. From each cycle of life’s experiences, you must ask of the lessons- what knowledge can I gain that will take me to a place of higher understanding and enable me to graduate from this experience richer than before. Beloveds, knowledge is equated to higher understanding.

What man refers to as knowledge is seldom more than information garnered from various sources. When you have knowledge of something you know it and it is indisputable. Knowledge is not something that is subjective in the sense that it is peculiar to one or some persons. Knowledge is universal and distinct in its feature. Knowledge conveys certainty in understanding and beggars belief. It is not opinion based but provable. Knowledge cannot be held but known.

Yet the proof may not always lie in the explanation but in the discovery through an inherent knowing that is certain, when you can tap into the ultimate Source of the resource. Information can become knowledge if validated by the Source as truth.

Where knowledge resides, doubt is absent. Those who are in the knowing are not excited by fear but remain steadfast in the Cause. Inimitable faith is that which will continuously open the doors to higher knowledge. This is because faith is open to truth and truth is founded on the assurance of knowledge.

Divine knowledge is cosmic and all of creation is cosmic in origin and therefore all knowledge has a cosmic base. If you seek to know a thing you are seeking a cosmic understanding. Man has assigned a limited understanding to the word knowledge. I AM teaching you that you are cosmic in origin and you must therefore in the interest of your graduation to higher frequency endorse a higher understanding to the word.

Higher knowledge is a necessity for any civilisation to mature and evolve in alignment with Divine Will. Man must direct his efforts to achieving this knowledge. He must chart his course to the discovery of what is needed for a fulfilling life. I can dispense that knowledge to him. I can bestow upon him the knowledge of God in a most intimate way if only he would seek ME. It is through seeking that he will find his truth, the wisdom that comes with knowing ME. I will be the fountain from which he can drink tirelessly that he may come into the knowledge to generate and regenerate an understanding of himself and his journey.

I AM the Source of all knowledge.

I do not offer you experiments or broken puzzles that you must piece together before you come into understanding. I offer you truth, whole hearted, pure and pertinent that your purpose on earth may be clear.
When you taste of Divine knowledge you will forever dwell in the plane of inspiration which allows you to hear the voice of wisdom through your higher mind. The voice of God can be heard within you if you ask and render your mind attune to a frequency un-besmirched by lower frequency. Perseverance is the key.

Remember that the opposite of knowledge is ignorance. Knowledge is light and ignorance is darkness. Yet ignorance has nothing to do with being uneducated in contemporaneous earthly understanding. Ignorance is lack of knowing of the truth by choice or design. 

A knowing man can be uneducated in worldly terms but knowledgeable of himself and his Source, wise in his demeanour and conduct and aligned with higher truth.

A knowing man may be impecunious in material wealth but inordinately wealthy spiritually. 

A knowing man may be poorly travelled and experienced in the places of your world but is well travelled and coursed in the inner terrain of his god mind.

A knowing man is not curtailed by beliefs but expanded in his search for higher truth.

A knowing man is humble in his knowledge, sharing always what he knows with his fellow men and showing them the way and path to true knowledge.

A knowing man is a wise man; for his knowledge is the beginning of his wisdom. His wisdom becomes his radiance which captures the attention of others who become drawn to that which they search for themselves.

What does it profit a man to derive worldly benefits from intellectual and material pursuits if it fails to bestow upon him inner peace, enduring joy and most importantly knowledge of his true purpose which lies in self discovery? Self discovery is an inner journey that outer experiences prompt.

The knowledge that I offer to you will bring certainty in understanding and provide you with the foundation from which you can grow. I AM not concerned with the physical but with the spiritual for you are first and foremost a spiritual being. Knowledge is your inheritance; your superlative power. Knowledge leads to enlightenment and illumination of your inner self.

Knowledge is the soul’s privilege of being birthed by ME. It is the recipe for wisdom which is the charm of your immortal soul. Wisdom is your cushion that enables you to remain in comfort amidst the exigencies of your outer world; for wisdom is the interpreter of the outer experience in keeping with higher understanding. Wisdom is a Divine attribute available to all who seek or possess it and must be used to fashion an existence that is founded on moral fortitude and Divine character.

Your journeys through time and space may be an adventure but there is a specific purpose behind it. You require knowledge to glean what that purpose is. You require knowledge to understand the poetry or your origin and the mechanics of creation. You cannot know why, when or how without knowledge. Only I can give you that knowledge or validate the truth or untruth of what you may believe.

Knowledge is its own comfort. It is serene and restful. It is not blatant or arrogant. It is not condescending of beliefs and cannot be attacked, only questioned. It is rare and original; full of beauty and truth. It cannot be moulded to fit into one’s understanding but must be known through Divine encounter as your mind merges with MINE.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thankyou, Candace.




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