The triumphant glow within the spirit of man is the presence of God. Defeat is never an option, for man is his own victor. It is the sight of man that is short for he sees his periphery, his surface and not his depth. His inability to claim his godhood comes from not knowing that he is the champion of his own cause. Mans’ intellect derides him and he cannot conceive his own might and he therefore settles for less than who he is and seldom achieve that which he is truly capable of. He creates a persona which is less than divine that he may search for the divine. His search is sometime endless for disbelief parades his very nature and he denies his ultimate destiny an opportunity to find its goal in his mortal journey.

His inner light is clipped like the wings of a bird and it is clipped often by choice yet sometimes by design always with the hope that he will free himself. Man has been given the know-how and the teachings yet he chooses to be moved by the world surrounding him rather than in the inner world of sprit which is designed to be the guiding force for his worldly endeavours. In the absence of spirit’s influence he fails to find his true self in the miasma that is fraught in his unintelligible world. There is no intelligence in that which is outside of man yet man is drawn like a magnet to the outer uncertainties of his existence. He berates the very life within, unconsciously so, when he seeks to deny the existence of God within him.

As the door of creation prepares to breathe itself open once again, mankind is being flooded with energies divine. These energies are breathed in at the soul level and through the influx, an awakening is being amortized within the hearts and spirits of men and women.

The irreverence which has paled the glow of man for eons is beginning to subside as many begin to wander in to reclaim what was forgotten. It is likely though that the divine breath will cull the souls not yet ready to partake of their divinity. For truly separation is called for as the coal is being removed that the distinctness of the diamonds may show and cast its light through the ailing globe.

These times highlight the need for man to know his perfection and it is effort and desire that will transport him to that place where perfection lies. The excuses are now redundant. Vision is now called upon that the unearthing and unleashing of divine order within begins its reign. Those awakened to the glory of the inner God must establish themselves in that presence and bring the light of God alive through them in their works on earth. How else can the Kingdom of God be established on your plane? Why do you allow the outer world to conflict you so? Are your needs so great that the God within cannot fulfill so that you need to hold on vehemently to the trappings which will inevitably bury you in a rut and stifle the divine in you.

Children you have chosen to take this journey. You know the truth which is buried deep in your unconscious. How can you deny your identity? You are a part of the One. In truth there is no distinction because separation is a myth. It is the understanding of the mind that will enable you to grasp this and comprehend your true nature as God and not man. For who is man but a creation of himself designed to bring immortality to that which appears mortal. The journey comprises lessons beloved ones and lessons well learnt causes the inner presence to grow and glow in awareness.

The lessons are not academic but spiritual; yet the spirit holds the wisdom which creates the knowing of the truth, the very essence of God passed to man. The presence of God is incarnate within you – it is this presence that calls you and shall willingly guide you home. You need only apply your higher mind and you shall begin to reckon with yourself and come to know and gradually experience your God potential . It is the knowing that will create the energy fortuitous to your eventual return to your SOURCE.

Disbelief is a sham. It nurtures doubt and on a mindal level separates what is ONE. The Father within each of you is calling you home. Will you not answer the call and free yourself from the bondage of the ego’s verbiage which seeks to distance you from your natural heritage?

Know yourself as God and you shall by your own efforts experience the living God within you.

Nebadonia come in the light of the Source to bring a message of enlightenment. The time is now.
Mother Spirit