By Germain thru Hazel
Aug 25, 2010 - 8:39:15 AM



thru Hazel

You stand on the brink of a new age but before this dawns the old matrix must be brought to an end. When chaos rules, this too must eventually come to an end that the genre of peace may take its rightful place as is ordained by the Creator.

Why have I titled this piece jeopardy? Jeopardy bespeaks of a risk of harm, danger or peril. Its tone connotes a feeling of imminent danger and a warning that there be vigilance. It is not a new word or concept to you of earth plane for you have lived for aeons in jeopardy of your souls' incarceration at the machinations of dark intent. The light of joy has been jeopardized by the hands of mal intent. You ones have a game named jeopardy. What you have not grasped is that jeopardy is a way of life for you, for you live in constant peril. Jeopardy is your constant reality on earth.

Your perception of what you feel is joy, ecstasy and beauty is experienced in a shell of superficiality. For the most part you experience empty joy and beauty derived from the illusion of God's creation-all that is matter based and sensed oriented. Is this a criticism? No, for you live in a sensed objective universe and are entitled to partake of the illusion for the illusion is the pavement upon which you must journey to return to self. It is the facilitator of the greater cause. Yet many live their lives as the ‘effect' constantly waiving their divine right to aspire to the ‘cause'. Why? Living as the ‘effect' offers a choice and many of you ones choose mortal contentment, joys of simple or sophisticated lives. You choose to create boundaries which offer mortal security whilst all the time disregarding the higher will for your evolution, thus jeopardizing the health of your immortal soul.

Is any experience wasted? No, but how many souls after a mortal incarnation literally hit their ‘heads' against etheric walls saying ‘if only I did'. Dear ones you have a long journey and you must make it or denounce the life that God intended to be your immortal soul. Your very rejection of the life within the soul will debunk He who gave you your existence. Then where will you be? I can tell you without a doubt that you will be uncreated by your own choice.

For aeons the souls of men have been in jeopardy of stagnation, slow evolution and believe it or not regression. Men have always blamed someone or something for his inability to progress. He has failed to take responsibility for himself and has become his own worst enemy. He has repeatedly allowed his soul to wither into oblivion as it enjoyed dormancy through several incarnations. He has primarily placed his spiritual growth in jeopardy.

The dark ones and their darkness manifest their victory by the many souls they successfully impede from finding their light. The tables have now turned for the vicious mentality of the dark ones exercised through their conscious slavery of the masses is facing annihilation as they stand on the cliff where the only choice is to jump to their mortal death or choose the light. Many will choose the former, before they succumb to the light. They are now in jeopardy; for those not of the soul will find their existence curtailed; those of the soul who have chosen dark empathy will thrive or wither elsewhere. Yes beloveds, the dark ones who have cast a most insidious cloud of light on your beloved planet and you of light, are now beyond jeopardy. Their fate has been determined and the seal has been placed as the light of eternity traverses your globe. Be prepared for an influx of divine energy as you witness the demise of the forces of darkness.

It will behoove you ones to join forces and call earnestly for divine intervention through the effort of your will. Kindly accept the helping hand of the divine that once and for all you may be delivered from the unrighteous risk of complete destruction. The lamp which has kept the darkness alive is going to be extinguished. Do not jeopardize your lives, those who are of the Creator, for the final stroke of the brush is about to be rendered that this painting may be complete. The painting to which I refer is the depiction of the end of a cycle of darkness and confusion.

I Am Germain, come this day to say be prepared for the end is about to strike like lightening. I will then once again bequeath to you the violet flame that you may transmute and transform all remnants of darkness and banish a life of jeopardy that has imprisoned you for aeons. Free you shall be to allow your God light to shine.


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