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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

"In vain you build a city when first you should build the man"
By Germain thru Hazel
Aug 7, 2010 - 8:59:10 AM

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"In vain you build a city when first you should build the man"- Germain

The repertoire of mans' agenda transcends himself, being his spiritual self, as he is influenced by a parochial need to prove himself in this physical world through the acquisition of wealth, status power and fame.

He deigns to be king of his world through the building of empires which glow with egotistical desire to the gratification of his senses while his soul remains in withering absentia.

He channels his energy in constructs of a material nature where his world becomes one which is bespoke to the tune of sensual longings. His worth is measured in quantity not quality. His creations are a product of his senses not his mind.

There is no spiritual aspiration in the midst of his material, scientific and technological creations. The educational structures currently in place enables man to create without divine purpose. The system is independent of and fails to inculcate the teachings necessary for man to prioritise that which is important for his elevation or to contextualise the role of the physical experience in man's evolution. Even religious education is at the most sanguine in its attempt to teach man of God and at the least fails to complete its purpose.

Man tenders that which is built on foundations of sand with no firm premise. His gift to mankind though superlative is superficial. Buildings of stones are merely shells without a hint of inspiration and can be easily disturbed by the winds of change which can imminently sweep them of their "feet".

Mans' creations lack gravity. The physical dimension has taken precedence and all that is taught circumscribes mans' ability to find his true calling and thus serve his greater cause which is to find his true worth and sense of God.

You wonder why man lacks in his actions and works, nobility of God character. Man's god is far removed from the light which he truly is. The achievement of man bodes well for instant gratification but holds no promise for tomorrow. His soul has become cauterised, unable to breathe into man his truth, which will enable man to find and develop his character based on divine attributes.

Man's nobility is superseded as his perennial aim is to plagiarise the menial practices of others and become pale followers instead if primary leaders.

I desire to teach you ones that the building must start within each of you. When you become a solid balanced foundation with the knowledge that you bear an unquenchable light which shines immortal values bestowed by that Mighty presence within, you become the bedrock of light in God's kingdom. You can steadfastly go out into the world to be a seed to help others find and live their immortal supremacy.

It is about understanding that the foundation is what matters. Your world has been disintegrating for some time and before you know it the pyramid will collapse with a mighty crash.

Your civilisation is born and bred by transient elements of avarice, consumerism, lust, self serving agendas and pride. There is not one spiritual ray upholding the infrastructures of your world. It is cuddled by the inveterate hold of evil hands which for aeons have conspired to lock man in the prison of his senses, so that he remains dense to his truth.

Your world is devoid of character, innate nobility and divine honour because man lacks the attributes and know-how necessary to build a sustainable civilisation. Any sustainable civilisation must be based on that which endures and only God's laws and processes endure for eternity. The natural laws of universal practice must become the fulcrum of your civilisation.

We have so far identified the symptoms and cause of your civilisation's decline and must now focus on a remedy that will sustain and create a firm foundation that is unbreakable and immovable. Education my dear ones is the panacea. I do not speak of education as you know it.

The education of man I speak of must be addressed to mans' mind not his senses or brain. He must be reprogrammed to think as a higher universal being which is what he was born to be. He must be taught that sovereignty is not equated with crowns of material possessions or conference of status by others. He must see that sovereignty is his birthright and he must be taught how to access his wealth and divine status from within. Man must be taught that life only resides in spirit and that is all that truly lives. Introspective thinking must be taught. Man must learn to place the material/ physical dimension within the context of his evolution and be trained to see the real from the unreal.

The laws of God and creation must be re taught to man and he must be brought into the understanding that these laws are inviolable if he is to ascend unto higher dimension. He must be taught that these laws are a natural part of his true self which for aeons he has relinquished in preference to man made laws. He must be asked to take an objective view of his world and to identify the cause of its degeneration that he may for himself come into a deeper comprehension that he contributed to its decline through his participation in those man made laws which bear no semblance of natural law.

Man must be made to see that he is a fragment of the divine whose ultimate goal is to become a manifestation of the divine and therefore be encouraged to gravitate to all that will create a divine alignment.

Man must be taught that he will not be judged only by courts of law but ultimately by the Great Spirit within to which he remains responsible and accountable. To sum it up, man must find God within, comprehend the significance of that presence, liberate his divinity that it can manifest its worth in the material plane of existence and then accept his divine responsibility to the God within and to every life force of creation.

Education systems must function to serve the greater cause of man's existence being mans' ascension. Those already educated in this way must serve as living examples to those not fully educated in the ways of the light. For man tends to thrive on associations and what the majority does will set the tone for others.

I invite each of you from this moment to find that portal which offers entry to your soul, that you become acquainted with its values and virtues and forge an identity linked to your cosmic origin. It is time for mans' soul to become the face of his world. There is no greater honour and beauty than one who wears his soul as his outer cloak that his God light shines in bliss. Dear ones when you can unlock the jewel of you, you will dwell in your true home and will bring "home", being the light and life of God's domain into your civilisation. It is only then that cosmic character will be brought into your civilisation and a state of balance reinstated.

I am Germain and I have efforted to show you that man must be "made" before the civilisation is built, for man is the foundation of civilisation. If man embraces light and life, then the civilisation will prosper. I am not here to do your work for you so I ask you to go within and take counsel as to how you will create educational structures and methodology to realise this goal. Treat this as a challenge to your God mind.

I ask that you use the violet flame to remove unhealthy barriers created by your senses that you may:

At this point Hazel lost the last few words from her copy, and on the forum, posted this is what she remembers in general. "From what I recall he was saying that we need to break down the barriers of the senses so that we can access higher states of learning to take us forward."








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