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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

'I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life
By Christ Michael
Dec 30, 2014 - 9:45:07 AM

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'I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life......-Christ Michael

‘'I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man commeth unto the Father but by me''

This was a pivotal piece of teaching bequeathed by the Master Jesus when He walked your earth plane, yet no man truly understood its meaning. Man was not sufficiently ready to receive this truth then and is scarcely ready to receive it now. Yet it is significant that during these auspicious times when the planet is about to enter a new cycle of life where dimensions anew are to be experienced and earned, man must awaken to a higher understanding of himself and he can only do so if he understands Me. Milestones have been achieved by mortals in terms of advancement, yet spiritually they fail to attune themselves to a great truth that if understood could change the tenor of their existence and path of soul evolution. I come again this day to effort to explain this simple yet understated Truth.

I am the Way means that I am your ticket to a new destination. The ticket is only dispensed when a choice is knowingly made. You must choose Me through belief and active seeking and you will be given directions that will enable you to plot the coordinates that shall keep you on the path as you create an enduring alliance with Me. When you are able to make this choice you will clearly see that I Am the Way out of the illusion of mortality into the reality of immortality.

So we have primarily established that I Am the Way to eternal life. Yet eternal life can only be guaranteed for those who can find and free their inner God presence. It is I who shall direct you ones on the course that you must adopt to achieve this feat for first you must know Me before you can know yourself and be inclined to liberate that which is divine within you.

I would like to explore with you a different perspective of what it means when I say 'I AM the ‘'Way'.' The ‘'Way'' cannot be separated from the ‘'Light'' as the light brings clarity of purpose and engenders a clear path to the destiny of choice. The ‘'Way and the ‘'Light'' therefore go hand in hand. I say that the Way is the Light and I am the Way and therefore the Light.

Yet another perspective of the ‘'Way'' shall I offer to you. Did I not birth my creation from love, being the reason and root cause? Did I not create by way of electric light waves of motion from the stillness of my mind? Is it therefore not true to say that stillness motivated by love to create by light is the ‘'Way''? Can you therefore not see that the ‘'Way'' is Love and Light and that when you choose Me you choose Love and Light? If Love and Light is the foundation of your earthly journey you will have found the ‘'Way''.

Did I not think my creation into being? Am I therefore not within my creation? Is the ultimate goal not to return to Source? If I am my creation and within my creation then the only way back to the Source is through Me. Does this make sense to you ones who need to rationalize ME?

I AM the Way, I AM the Light and I AM the Love manifested in my creation. I created from a point of stillness through Light motion. Does this not mean that if you choose the ‘'Way'' you too can create all which you desire to create? The ‘'Way'' enables you to reflect and be all that the ‘'Way'' is for are you not also the ‘'Way'' through Oneness with Me? The Way you shall become when you find and know Me.

I AM the Truth.

Man fights amongst himself seeking to have his truth rendered as superior to another. Yet hardly do men know what Truth is. You cannot know Truth unless you know Me- The ‘'Way''. For the ‘'Way'' shall always lead to the Truth. Man has belittled the Truth by tainting it with his personal agendas. The Truth is never influenced. It is impartial. It is inexplicable and beyond rationalization. The Truth must be known and that knowledge comes from knowing Me. Man's truth mostly is generated by that which is external, seldom reconcilable with his inner knowing and void of inner validation.

The TRUTH JUST IS AND IS JUST. That which is Truth knows only balance. It is as still, steadfast and immutable as the Creator. There lies no mystery or magic in Truth. I can say no more except to remind you that Truth emanates from within you because its origin is divine.

When you choose the ‘'Way'', you choose the Truth and it is the Truth when known and accepted that shall lead you to attain the divine promise of eternal life. For at this point in your understanding you shall accept without hesitation that I AM THE LIFE, that which is eternal and so shall you be also when you can know this.

Beloveds the life I speak of is not of mortal orientation. It is life immortal to which I refer. Life resides only in the spirit not the flesh. The spirit is All- its longevity is guaranteed by the promise of eternal life. Yet eternal life is always a choice as much as a gift/promise. For I will never force my children to choose Me; they must freely make this choice. I can say to you that many have chosen to be uncreated instead of choosing Life. I wish to emphasize that even in your sphere of reality which is earth plane, you are eternal. Mortal death is merely a transition to allow the soul to take stock in order to determine the next level of experience needed along its ascending path.

You on earth during your incarnation must understand that your life on earth does not give you the freedom to do that which you please without being accountable or responsible. You do not, contrary to popular belief have one life to live. When you can understand that I am the Life and so too are you, then you will realize in your incarnation that what you do will always impact on the evolution of your immortal soul.

So what do I mean when I say ‘'No man commeth unto the Father but by me''.

The ultimate goal as I reminded you earlier is the return to the Source of ALL. Yet those created by Me can only return to the Source by Me for I AM THE WAY.

You cannot bypass Me to get to the Source for I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE.

You cannot fudge your way to the Source without Me for I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE.

You cannot cajole your way to the Source without me for I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE.

You cannot say that Christ Michael does not exist and seek to make your way back to the Source for I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE.

You cannot believe in the Source and not in Me for I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE.

You cannot know of Me, denounce Me and choose the Source for I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE.

When you know me, see me and hear me you will see, hear and know the Father, the Source- the Centre of All. I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE. You must become ONE WITH ME for I AM the Way to the Source.

My beloved children, it was a delight to once again effort to explain what this most crucial teaching means. I trust that I have brought clarity and ask that you ponder these words and see whether enlightenment dawns.

I am Christ Michael Aton, come this day to bring the word again and thank this my child for being the emissary of the truth.


This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thankyou, Candace.


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