The wonders of your existence find its origin in the mind of God. The chords of love strummed in harmony, produced by a balancing scale emitting frequencies of light is your very CAUSE. You were conceived in my imagination as an idea and I gave life to you through the breath of light which extended from my thinking. I thought you into being. I created the soul within, the verity of you. I AM the place where you began. I know the mechanics of your creation, the very mechanics which I have legated to you that you too may create. 

You the physical being is an extension of your immortal soul. You have chosen to take myriad journeys through time and space in mortal clothing. You clothed your light in flesh so that you might eventually find again that light. It is through your journey that you shall re discover the origin of life and return your thoughts to the Creator’s will and begin to manifest HIS supreme will through your thought, actions and creations. It is only then that you will be able to engage in creative and co- creative endeavours. 

As you awaken to MY infinite presence within you, a dawning of new and exciting knowledge shall transgress the dullness of doubt and ignorance and you shall brave the world with fresh perspectives born of higher understanding. The place where you begin, being the mind of God will become your perpetual dwelling place. Accustomed you shall become to this habitation that you shall effortlessly plot your journey to this place where refreshment will be offered limitlessly. You shall be restored in the power and authority of the CAUSE. 

I have bequeathed this sanctuary to you. It holds the wealth of my wisdom, knowledge and truth. Wisdom is the nature of God and the nature of man. Many cannot however comprehend that wisdom is necessary in the mortal journey for the birthing and fashioning of a civilisation grounded in Godliness. That which is physical in itself cannot conceive wisdom. Mortal creations based only on physical desires and material aspirations cannot yield the fruit of wisdom. Wisdom derived from knowledge creates truth, being the foundation element of a sustainable civilisation. Wisdom cannot be replaced by intellectual comprehension which is derived from what you observe, perceive, record and recall. Wisdom is beyond analysis; it was created and must be known through contemplation with the God mind. You can be taught that which is wise but you can only know it through ME.

I cannot offer wisdom and truth to those who are closed to ME or refute MY existence or deny my Presence within them. You who do not believe in ME, being the highest authority in Creation, cannot believe in any form of esoteric existence for I created all things. Sadly you will never be able to truly believe in yourself; for how can you believe in that which you do not know or understand? Your idea of what you believe is jaundiced in the wake of unknowingness. You deny yourself truth and being when you deny ME. 

Man forgets easily that it is I that have provided the planet for which you are to experience physical life. Man did not create the planet; he simply chose to retire to the planet momentarily to enjoy a physical experience intended for the enlightenment of his soul. This intent has eluded many who thus choose to have a purely physical existence. A physical existence without a spiritual understanding and base becomes a void. It is emptied of purpose and bereft of the treasures of life. 

You are the fruit which I bore and desire to harvest. Yet many of you are still not ripe through personal choice. You desire to dwell in greenness. You wish to preserve your youth and remain fresh in a vibrant body. You have become to know that body as you.

You are though, possessed of a part of ME which you have buried beneath desires anomalous to spirit. You see yourself as flesh and blood when you are spirit and light. I do not ask that you forget the physical body you inhabit, only that you know the purpose of the physical journey. It is not for the body but for the spirit. Your management of the body is directed for the benefit of the spirit in that you shall during the course of mortal sojourn endure experiences which shall uncover the strength of spirit which shall grow into its light through the unfolding. 

Seek your origin and it shall be revealed to you. The indwelling spirit shall open your inner eyes that you will see clearly. You shall then be privileged to the priceless part of you. Your human mind does not wish to accept the truth of its inherent prowess. This however is inevitable and whether you choose to be open to accept your inheritance now or much later on, is up to you. If you persist though, throughout your incarnations to resist the truth of your origin and breach the laws of creation and God, you shall effectively relinquish your soul to the death of life as it loses its immortal status. The salvation of your soul which affords immortal life lies not with ME unless you choose ME. Salvation is a gift to those who choose to enter the spiritual Kingdom and abide within the Kingdom. 

I AM the place where you shall end for I AM the goal of life. Should you be privileged through your own choosing to aspire to ME, you shall return through ascent in the measure of invested effort and the passage of time through your incarnations. Should you delete ME knowingly from your consciousness and deliberately and persistently through your incarnated experiences choose against me, there will be no life for you. 

One of my laws is that I shall not compel by force MY children to choose or return to the place of their birth where eternity is what I willed to them. 

I AM THE PLACE WHERE YOU SHALL END if you choose and endeavour to.