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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Hazel in Jamaica
By Hazel
Jun 24, 2013 - 9:56:58 AM

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Mission in Jamaica

Hazel's story and a teaching film made there.

For the last 2 years Victor of AH was working on securing me an interview on a national TV programme in Jamaica called ‘Smile Jamaica’.  That became a reality this month. I arrived in Jamaica on 10th June and appeared on National TV for a brief interview on the morning of 13th June. I spoke of my healing and teaching mission and advertised my Angelic Reiki workshop and a public talk planned for the days ahead.

The reports from the JTV(TV station) was that the audience response was very good as many called for further details.

I ran my Angelic reiki workshop between 14-16 June with 14 participants. The experience had by all the attendees was very powerful. The energies of the Angels were palpably felt by all the attendees and they directly experienced the Angelic vibrations through the attunements and down pouring of divine energies. At one point during the workshop we had a visitor from Paradise who placed a Globe on one of the tiles on the floor and a spiral of light began to radiate from the globe throughout the room. On another occasion Christ Michael appeared and created a fence of light around the group. Phenomenal healing occurred and many past lives opened up for me to share with various attendees.

There was a young man (not an attendee) who sat outside on the first evening whilst I opened the space and invited the spiritual hierarchy in. He is quite psychic and clairvoyant and he reported seeing the entire house surrounded by light and the spiritual beings as they descended to join the workshop. This young man was afraid of his own abilities as he could not understand it or speak of it to anyone except Victor. His talent was quite extraordinary and it goes to show that even the most humble in status have been blessed with great abilities awaiting encouragement and direction. I invited him to sit in on the workshop on the Sunday and he did. It was just what he needed to give him the confidence to accept and grow his abilities.

As a result of the workshop and TV interview I was inundated with requests for healing and readings and did quite a few Akashic records readings and Aura clearing for people. There were more requests for healing/readings than I had time to attend to.

I met some TV personalities who were taken by the message and paradigms I advanced. At least one of them held similar beliefs but did not feel that he could share them with anyone. I was most surprised at the number of people who are hungering for spiritual truth and support in Jamaica. I did a mini talk for some members of the public and I could see how eager they were to spread and anchor the light in Jamaica.

During the workshop Melchizedek came in to give a message to the Jamaican attendees. It was a powerful and motivating message for the times we are in, and their role in anchoring the light in the forests of darkness in their country.

On Tuesday 18th I had a pre recorded interview with a TV producer Sandra Rose where I spoke for an hour on topics such as ‘God is within us’, Oneness with God and all’, Reconnecting with the Divine, Past Lives and the eternalness of the soul. This recording will be sent to another TV producer as a precursor to my potential appearance  later on in the year on a 2 hour TV programme called ‘Religious Hard talk’.

My visit to Jamaica was a whirlwind experience yet so powerful and meaningful. I interacted with so many of God’s children and felt a deep sense of connectivity with their desire to be of greater service and to learn more. I feel that the effort which Victor and I made has begun the process of creating a supportive network for those who long to grow spiritually through higher knowledge and service. I am due to return in November to continue the mission.

The Angels had encouraged me to go to Jamaica because they said I had work to do there. When I consulted the Akashic records I was told by the Lords that Jamaica is a melting pot and a funnel for the other Caribbean countries. The energies needed to flow there more which would impact positively on the other countries.

We are hopeful that the pre recorded interview will inspire other Jamaicans to emerge from the woodwork and form a support group to fearlessly share their convictions notwithstanding that they might be in the minority.

I share with you part of an email I received from a member of the public and a couple of brief testimonials.

Dear Hazel

I don’t even know where to begin in expressing my gratitude in contacting you at this time.

Hazel, I am very much in love with what you are teaching and it resonates with me on all levels of my Being. However, I want us (Jamaicans) to know more about what it is you have to offer. The fact that I am contacting you now shows that some of us (if there are others that contacted you) are ready for this new page in our lives. I have been following these kind of teachings for some time now and I just LOVE it. My purpose is to help others come to this Truth gently and I know firsthand that you cannot impose your Truth on others, you just have to plant a seed here and there and let it grow inside them. And you came here and plant that seed on National TV. So now you probably have people googling your name to find out more about you; thus one thing leading to another.

If you let me I will chat for hours – cause I am so excited. I just wish I could find someone that I talk to face to face about these things. That’s all I wish for some time. I have a guy at work who I talk to about Beings from other places but its more of a “alien” “Illuminate” stand point. I no longer care too much about the PTB or the PTW (power that was); as they too have serve their purpose and I am not prepare to give them anymore energy. What I want to know is more about Spiritual stuff and ways to suppress the “ego”. I want to connect more with my Higher-Self and Guides. I want to know who my Guides are, which Galactic Family I am from, what was I in my past lives, how to communicate with others on different planes of existence etc

Hi Hazel,
Thank you for a truly wonderful and healing workshop. I feel so blessed to have been a part of something so amazing.

I do so appreciate Hazel's way of teaching - the pacing, the reinforcements, the handouts etc. AND she is a VERY good teacher, like the Christ, because of the generosity that undergirds her teaching! You cannot teach if you don't have "it" to give, AND SHE surely has it!


Video links to 3 part teaching video.


Part 1!

Part 2

Part 3!


Also now available is a you tube with the whole interview together.


Hazel's Website:

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