The final pieces of the puzzle are being fitted now in their respective places on the board of this divine orchestration in preparation for action. All that you have been told during this your last year will now be coming to fruition as signs become more and more apparent in your physical world. The proof you require will be ample and the world will witness the very second coming many have been waiting for. Mankind will receive no less than a shock as the truth begins to unravel before their very eyes.

There shall be in pockets around the world rejoicing and in other confusion whilst in others disbelief. The responses are sure to be varied. What is interesting is that mankind will in many places come together in unity with each other. We make no firm predictions as to how matters will evolve as we speak in the language of projections.

So what is the purpose of this my message? You have been told several times to prepare. Now I come to emphasize that you are close to the gate that is going to be unlocked for you very soon and you are going to exit that gate and on the outside you will be expected to deal with various occurrences that accords with divine plan. Many of you will be led to the roles you must undertake as the gate opens. We ask that in preparation for your roles you stay as connected at you can with your higher selves, being your God light and be prepared to hear communication for higher beings during that period whereby you shall receive instructions to carry out your tasks. Build up in these last few days that inner relationship that you feel comfortable receiving that inner guidance; for in the days ahead this will be a valuable resource as your role as God’s workers are triggered by higher events.

This time will be an exciting time for all who are here to serve and are in the knowing. You must be prepared to discharge your duties honorably. Do not be concerned that you will not know what to say or do for you shall be led once you are able to stay connected to your source, You will also experience enhance memory recall which will provide much needed assurance during moments of uncertainty.

You are now poised dear ones on the closing end of the cycle and much has been done over many many years to prepare for this eventuality. Granted, events have overtaken set plans but from our vantage point it would now seems as if the whistle is about to be blown to kick start the final leg of the race. You would come to the realization in due course that it was all worth the wait. Bear in mind that at any one time you cannot in your dimension appreciate the finite details of all that is taking place above but the reality of the results shall speak for itself and you shall understand what it is the celestial have been doing for all these years.

This project has been onerous on many and you cannot begin to fathom how so. In time you shall be briefed that you may understand more the intricate aspects of this cause, plans for which have had to be fashioned and refashioned for one reason or another.

We ask at this time that you spend moments to express gratitude to those who have contributed and participated courageously to furthering this cause, for their work shall be remembered by all in the celestial realms to be recalled for a very long time to come.

We ask that you be at peace with yourselves and others at this time for you must find and cultivate your patience with others as this will be a necessity days to come.

Little ones of God thank you for your faithful service and loyal support. We know when you walk on earth plane you tread on difficult grounds but the rewards of this your journey will exceed the difficulties you have encountered therein.

I bid you peace as the troubled times shall soon draw to an end and you shall have respite as you are prepared to embark on a new life anchored in divine tenets.

I am Uriel come in the Light of Aton. I say to thee to get thy running shoes out and stand in position for when that whistle blows the last leg of the race will start and prepare you must be to find your spiritual stamina to make it to and through the finish line.