Germain on The Art of Waiting
By Hazel
Aug 1, 2010 - 10:03:05 PM

St Germain thru Hazel

August 1, 2010

The Art of Waiting

You ones on earth plane have ably cultivated the art of waiting. You deserve fine accolades for mastering this ability. Yet in my estimation it is an ability that is wasted. You do not aspire to patience in your journey of life. Your mode is that of travellers who follow linearity and cannot conceive the notion of eternalness.

You have become so stuck in the linear equation that you cannot see beyond time as you call and know it. Your inability to comprehend infinity has created a "time" construct by which you ones measure the progress of your lives. Instead of measuring progress through accomplishments, time is the featured compass.


I wish to clarify that being patient does not involve you waiting for whatever it is you seek. It simply means you recognising that there is a divine order or sequence which must unfold whilst at the same time contributing actively through preparation.

Waiting is an unfortunate custom on earth. It creates an excuse for inaction which is contrary to God, who is a Being of action. Waiting denotes the stoppage of time for there is no progress when you wait.

Waiting has defeated many dreams for many ones for there is an inherent expectation that manna will drop from heaven so to speak without participative action. In waiting man abdicates his responsibility as a co creator committed to achieving the ultimate goal of ascension through giving and doing. Waiting bleeds the very life force for co creative endeavours and puts you in a space of stagnant withdrawal. Your lives become one long waiting game.

Perish the thought that you must wait for something or someone before you embark on your chosen enterprise. When I speak of waiting, I am not speaking of the kind of waiting that you must undertake when a pre condition must be satisfied before input from yourselves. I am referring to the type of waiting that engenders expectations of others or things which you feel is necessary to create the outcome you desire. Only you personally can create using the power of your thoughts and visions. The power lies within you, where is the waiting in this?

How many times have we striven to teach you about God the Creator, His processes and ways and condense for you information that will attune you to your God mind which is the very creative faculty bestowed upon you by the Creator source. You are your own master creator.

What can I say to you ones that will enable you to comprehend that time never stands still. There is motion in all things even that which seems to be motionless. There is a pulse to every thing in creation and that pulse will never stop beating until all is one with Source again. Until then you are expected to be in constant state of movement and this for you means progress through positive affirmative action. For it is only desire and action that will accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

Another dimension to waiting is its claustrophobic hold on you ones. It stifles your very breath of life and demeans and degrades your ability to live in the moment. You rob yourself of the glory of living when you live in a state of waiting.

Waiting is in contradistinction to the evolution and unfolding of your divine personality. You cannot evolve spiritually when you are anchored by the weight of waiting.

You were born to be doers not waiters. Every moment of your life, waking or sleeping requires some action. When your body rests it is still in action as it rejuvenates.

That which you refer to as waiting does not exist. It is an artificial construct created by man to justify his inactions and insouciance. Have we not taught you time and time again that you are eternal beings? You forget too easily that you are cosmic beings in mortal form.

You live an eternal life notwithstanding that your seat of consciousness is currently physical. If you can appreciate the eternalness of you, you will comprehend the finer details of your soul existence which always IS. There is no waiting in eternity, just cycles or never ending life and motion which you cannot resist. Progress is the eternal as eternity and is posited on action not inaction through inane waiting.

Every moment of your existence should be spent in an attempt to discover and re acquaint your self with the real you and in so doing create alignment and oneness. It is here that you must bring it all into balance again. It matters not how many incarnations you have had and what your soul's lineage may be if you cannot harmonise it all in this life stream.

It is in this seat of consciousness that you must effort to reclaim and recreate the real you. For the certitude of success of your higher purpose on earth depends radically on you coming into your God being, sustaining this disposition that you may move in the power of the I AM and effect the necessary changes.

A feature of modern day life on earth is that many seek to be given and wait for this rather than to give. How many religious followers WAIT FOR God to answer their prayers whilst they do nothing? When you wait on another or things you stifle the creative influences within you. You become numb to you own power and thus powerless to affect any change at all. Is this not wasting your God given abilities and talents?

Time is now short and will not wait for any man so why do you wait on time hoping that something better will yield. No dear ones only you can create better for yourselves

Waiting creates an impediment to materialisation of goals, progress and personal growth. When you wait you concede that someone or something else has power over you. Waiting is dissonant and should be repelled in favour of creative action. If you ones can use the power of your mind to create as we have taught you to, you will not think in terms of waiting for you will appreciate that the power of your thoughts can control in a positive way the energy patterns, that shifts may occur to manifest the reality you seek.

Higher Universal man never waits for he knows that it is counterproductive and soul deserting. He instead moves to the natural rhythm of his life and creates in stead of wait.

I am Germain, come today to remind you ones that you carry God within you and must live every moment in the fullness of that creative presence that you may constantly through action transmute and transform yourselves into greater heights of spiritual unfoldment.


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