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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

General update
By CM thru Hazel
Jun 24, 2010 - 7:11:09 AM

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Christ Michael


General update

I know dear ones that it has been a while since we provided a general update so here it goes.

I will firstly address that which is currently transpiring behind the scenes as it relates to the work we came to accomplish here. We are still very much on the ground taking care of some urgent matters at the moment.

Yes the dark ones are giving us some thrills. They are set to wage a final war against us. They have now well and truly come to the realisation that we mean business. Nothing short of their removal will bring an end to this almighty charade they have been playing with you one for a very long time.

This journey has been arduous for many including my troop, unaccustomed to lower densities and vibrations. We however continue to tread your soils until this is over. I have at certain times been back and forth but Esu has been holding the forth during my brief absences.

So firstly I will update you on matters regarding the military. There have been major inroads here and we feel comfortable that the groundwork has been laid. There are currently many of ours stationed within the various ranks exercising divine authority.

Our Admiral Jhonka known to you as Radesky is playing the part of military commander. I have placed him in charge of this division. He has been instrumental in helping us make inroads since we landed on you soil.

Now for an update on the banking and financial industries. At this time it appears that matters remain stable for there are no reports of major upheavals as yet. It appears buoyant and to you perhaps discouraging. This is not set to last. There is in fact major upheaval behind the scenes. They are scrambling to hold on to policies and trying to radicalise things in an effort to affect a moratorium on the crisis. Don't worry dear ones, we have given them enough rope, long enough to hang themselves. The price of their stubbornness and failure to cooperate in the way we hoped for will be heavy.

They are going to be hit very hard in due course when Gaia does her thing and turns in ways even you can't imagine. The cracks are already here in the economies and have been temporarily cauterised. Gaia's movement will however aid in breaking the already burdened back of the economy. You see there is a sequence and this shall manifest for you to see as the momentum of her movements increase. There will be much devastation to the geo physical structures leading to corrosion of industry operation and human psyche. A malaise will overtake and it will seem as if time has stopped because progress will be retarded. This will affect trade and commerce. Think of the effect that this will have on the already shrinking economies of your world.

The governments around your world are showing undue optimism to you in public yet many of the more well know heads are quaking. They are beginning to see the picture we have come here to paint for them. Yes beloveds all seem rosy on the outside abut there is a lot of shaking on the inside, Very much like Gaia at times. Not because you don't see or feel her shake means that she isn't.

Surely you must notice the number of humans leaving your plane at this time, at the very least through the disastrous aberrant weather patters as well as all manner of vehicular accidents. Do you think that this merely coincidence? No beloveds. Not only has the separation started but those who have chosen not to stay are leaving. Open your eyes and you will know that all we have said is actuating before you. The momentum of all these events will be majorly enhanced as time progresses.

There is still munch to do but I assure you that change is already here. Many have been speculating as to potential time frames for the occurrence of events and activities leading to the inevitable respite of stasis. I have said before and I shall say again, we are not operating this orchestration with a remote control. There are no express buttons to push that will activate events. This is progressive and remains so at this time. Saying this however, we are working towards a projected deadline which Candace is aware off.

We have already given you the signal that will alert you of manifested events triggering greater movements and activities. Let this be your guide.

Gaia remains in a state of animation. She is currently controlling her movements. There is no longer a question of executing the big push. This will take place. I have her unequivocal agreement to this. There are just a few more steps to be taken to get her ready.

I wish to let you know that when the movements start they will be very quick so I remind you of the prudency in being prepared.

There is a lot of solar energy directed to the planet at this time and this in part will expedite some measures we intend to execute but will also have a profound effect on your physical form, health and emotion well being. Just recognise these feelings for what they are and be gentle with yourself and others.

Please be assured beloved that all of this is very real and it is not long again before expectations are met. I ask that you spend some time refining and fine tuning your thoughts for and in service. That which you plan to participate in or contribute to post stasis you can begin doing now. Let each day be a day full of constructive thinking and action. This in measure will keep you occupied and excited as the events start to take shape in your dimension of reality.

I am Christ Michael Aton and I come this day to bring you news that the light is shining now on your world and soon you shall see the dark energies evaporate.

I give you my word.


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