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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Gabriel 1 and 2
By Gabriel of Nebadon thru Hazel
Dec 17, 2013 - 9:43:21 PM

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Below is Gabriel's first message to my group -Hazel

Welcome One and All.  What beautiful energies radiate in this space. I too come to bring the energies from Salvington, my home base in Nebadon. I AM the representative of Michael, the one you know as the Christ.

HE comes to say that indeed there is no space between them (meaning you and HIM)- I  ( Michael) bridge the gap between what you call time and space and indeed it does not exist. In your perception it does. We are ever present with you even here.

You are not able to tap into higher dimensions at this point in time at will. The time is evolving when in fact there will be recognised that there is one dimension where all exists.

We salute your bravery and courage and know that you are walking the path now where you are prepared to engage in fearless endeavours on Our behalf.

Truth be told there is none to fear- It is thy world which creates the energy that perpetuates feardom in the masses. We are working steadily to liberate you and this kingdom you are in from fear. I come to offer words of encouragement to each of you for you must know now we have chosen you to be anchors of our light in this place.

In particular this country must rise for it is in a strategic position on the earth plane to make a difference from an energetic point of view.  As the vibrations begin to become more enhanced in this proximity, the race on this plane will begin to experience a different realm of consciousness. We are beginning to activate more and more of you who have come to perform tasks for the light.

I cannot promise you that the path will always be undisturbed, but I can give you the assurance that we are ever walking by thy side even in thy most troubled moments.

There is none to fear. Do not make fear a part of your consciousness.

It is imperative as you go forward to inspire others that you release the bondage of fear and walk steadily in the framework of light which was bestowed since the moment of your soul’s conception.

There is indeed no difference between us, save in perception. That which holds you in separation will begin to drift away.

I declare in your presence that Light is here and Love prevails.

We hold each of you dearly in Our consciousness  that you may use Our consciousness as your pasture upon which to  graze- that the nourishment you receive may truly begin to create a new dynamic of being and feeling within self.  You will begin to experience release and communion at the same time. For as you release those elements that belittles thy consciousness, you will begin to experience the ever living presence of the Divine  in the moments of your existence. It will then become real to thee as you begin to identify with this Presence as thyself.

Know that We are beloved of thee and you are beloved. Michael surrounds you even now with HIS light in recognition. Go forth and anchor Our light throughout these parts and know that we walk beside you. We shall be present. Call upon Us and we shall answer.

Let love be your guide in all things and know that as you begin to convert your energy, your entire breath will change as will your respiratory system. You will begin to experience the Divine breath circulating through you  and this is the breath you will begin to exhale into your world.

I will depart now but know how loved and precious you are to Us. I AM Gabriel of Salvington.  I AM in the light of Michael, my beloved- Blessings- Adonai.

Number 2

Thanks you dear friends for your kind support and encouragement.

Today Gabriel of Salvington appeared to bring a message to my class but my throat and weary body could not house the energy through transfiguration mediumship. So the message was given telepathically and I spoke it as it came. Victor recorded it (and it is transcribed below-C) Gabriel later returned to answer my question as to why he had appeared to bring the message and why so many messages were being brought to the group.

His answer is below. I though the sentiments would apply to us all...

Gabriel of Salvington

We came to give encouragement that you may know that though the tasks may seem insurmountable we will help to penetrate the barriers of human discord.

Dents are being made in human consciousness but the light is needed to dredge and excavate the deeply hidden fears which pollute consciousness. So for those who have extended their hands in service to us, we bridge the gap in consciousness to allow them to experience our divine signature that they may seek comfort in us, as the path of service in truth can be unpredictable as human dilemmas resist change.

We offer our service through divine might to pacifiy your energies when they may be troubled and to grant relief when others embark in chagrin against the tasks you are to undertake.

Release all fears and agendas to us and we will assist you in creating a determine route for success.

We have this day anchored within each of you a seed for survival, allowing you to transcend the dim realities you face and the restless energies at hand.

We need level ones whose balance must not be shaken and who will not throw in the gauntlet (challenge) in the face of uprising or opposition.

Indeed the tasks at hand require brave hearts and sturdy unpolluted minds. You have heard the call and have answered. You are here and this is our indicator.  For your commitment you are preserved. Dense are the qualities which threaten the path but religious must be your resolve to overcome. We are in the light and we overlight thee. Cherish Our presence and find your relief in us. We love you. Peace.


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