Conversations with the Master
By The master and Hazel
Oct 16, 2010 - 4:47:01 PM

Conversations with the Master

Student- Master I desire that You live through me. I desire to be all that You are. Will you teach me Master how to love others as you love

Master- All that I am you could be my child if you choose to. Have I not for these many months been alive within you? Have I not fulfilled within you your need for love? Have I not shown you love when you have achieved as well as when you have faltered?

Student- You have indeed Master and I feel very blessed to enjoy this state of knowing communion with you whereby I am consistently guided by your love and wisdom. I am consciously making an effort to love every life force as you do

Master- Yes my child I see and feel your burning desire. This is what you must do. I ask that for two days we do not speak of this and on the third day we shall revisit your question.

On the third day the student knocked on the Master’s door a little ‘worse for wear’.
Master- Yes my child how are you this day?

Student- Master since we last spoke I have not been doing all that well.

Master- Why is that?

Student- I have felt irritable Master for two days. As a result of this I experienced annoyance at my brothers and sisters actions. I really tried to control it but could not help be aggravated by things they said or failed to do. How will I ever learn Master to love as You do? Why won’t You teach me?

Master- My child have I not loved you unconditionally through patience, tolerance, empathy understanding, and compassion?

Student-Yes you have Master, I acknowledged this already

Master- So therefore have I not taught you how to love?

Student- Yes I suppose so. Why did you send me away for 2 days with instructions not to speak of this?

Master- I sent you to apply what you have been taught. You know the lessons but only experience can test your ability to apply the lessons that you may know whether you have reached the mark of the Master. You felt irritable and that caused a feeling of annoyance with your peers. Don’t you see my child that if you desire to love as the Master you must first master your emotions and secondly you must see every experience as an opportunity to test and apply your God light and love.

Learning is seldom theoretical my child. I can teach you by example but I cannot love for you. The more aligned you remain with Me, My values and virtues, the greater will you experience the fruits of God’s love which becomes yours to give that you may be regiven. You must effort to push through the limitations of human consciousness and taste that cosmic nectar that you may freely love through the God within.

Student- I understand now Master. It is certainly not easy to do this

Master- I have taught you before my child that when you tire of being the student you will work to become the Master for it is your God mastery that you must prove in the here and now

The student thanked the Master and asked that the Master speak of Perceptions

Master- My child you ones perceive with and through your senses masterminded by your illustrious ego. To truly know is to perceive through inward sense which is divine and objective. You must be careful to distinguish subjective from objective perceptions. It is your subjective perceptions that sometimes influence your interpretations of the behavior, conduct or decisions of others.

I will take the example of your annoyance with the actions/inactions or words of your peers. Those feelings were evoked through your personal perceptions based on your personal preferences, choices, values and actions. If your personal preferences are divinely aligned then they are more objective than subjective. In such a case through divine knowing your perceptions will be persuaded by an understanding which transcends your emotions. Instead of reacting you will respond through balanced thought. You will start of your assessment by realizing that your peer is an aspect of you and vice versa through the Oneness of All. You will then perhaps conclude one or any of the following:

· You need that person in your life or that particular experience with that person that you may grow, come into a greater understanding of you or to simply be a facilitator that you may shine your God light and love

· That person needs you to teach or guide them to where they must be or merely sow a seed of wisdom or water the withering love within

· That person is a reminder to you that each of God’s children is unique and through their unique personalities they are seeking to reunite with God even if they are not aware of this.

· You may also firmly judge behavior that is unbalanced and contrary to God’s laws which you must dissociate from without ‘hating’ the creator of that behavior

The bottom line is that most people perceive others as irritating because one or other or both are still growing or need to develop through that particular experience. When you can see this objectively, notwithstanding your fleeting feeling of discontent with another, the joy of this revelation will rebalance your thinking that you assess yourself first before you assess another.

As God beings you needs seek after your own perfection before you require it of others.

Student- Thank you for these words of wisdom Master. I will go forth cognizant of this from now.

Master- My child I wish you to remember that when you perceive through your outer senses you create an impediment or barrier between us and you are unable to reap the influence of your balanced nature being Me. I cannot infringe or interfere with your choices; you must knowingly ask me to guide you in your perceptions that always might they be glossed with the light of objectivity.

Blessed be in Love and Purest Light


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