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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Co-Dependance, the Foundation for Independance
By Source thru Hazel
Jan 30, 2013 - 10:30:32 PM

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Co-Dependance, the Foundation for Independance

Source thru Hazel   Jan 29, 2013

‘It is not about survival of the fittest but flourishment of the co operative’ (Christ Michael)

These are the words which motivated this discussion with the Source.

Co dependence does not negate independence; it simply facilitates it. To function as one unit requires co operation of all parts. When all parts co-operate there is unity. This is what the whole is.

Co dependency requires each separate and discrete part to recognise that each needs the other to create the whole. Your thinking must initiate with the ‘whole’ that the separate parts may envision the whole and work together to create the whole.

Co dependence is required at different levels of existence and form. The starting point is for each to recognise his/her nature as a God being, which will lead to the knowing of the presence of the divine within each. When this recognition comes one will realise the nature of the relation between God and Man, as God being within Man, is one of co dependency. After all man is an extension of God and is in form that God may experience and live through man. It is through man’s existence in form, and journey through the material plane, that he is to come into remembrance of God within himself and aspire to discover his Godly identity and in so doing allow God to manifest through his form in the world of matter.

Do you see that one cannot function effectively without the other? It is this cosmic matrix which you need comprehend. Should you be capable of grasping this you will willingly work with God to achieve your potential and provide allowance, for God to work through and with you. You cannot effectively function in your material world if you do not grasp the nature of the relationship between God and Man. You certainly will not progress as is the grander cosmic plane for Man.

This co dependency between God and Man is necessary for it is likened to a building block or foundation which will elevate man’s understanding to the levels of spirit thus enabling him to clearly know his true purpose in form. Understanding breeds motivation and motivation catalyses one into positive action in fulfilment of the goal. This co dependency will foster or build man in the nature and image of God; for man will desire to be likened to God. When this desire rules him he will continuously court the God within himself until ‘two’ in perception become ‘one’ in reality (that is until he can know himself as God.) This process is no means ‘lightening’ in action but enlightening in progress.

When each is able to harness his God abilities and virtues for emanation and application in his physical life his vision is for the whole and not for self.  His actions will reflect his knowledge that each needs the other almost symbiotically that the wealth of peace and unity may be created. Man has the power to create that which will make him truly wealthy, but that can only be achieved through co operative endeavour with each other in selfless pursuit of that which will benefit the whole.

Man in himself as an organism cannot effectually function unless other organisms within his body first co operate to ensure that his body is integrated and whole. The point is, that it takes micro organisms to work together to create a complex yet wholesome organism. Thus in the same way, man is a micro organism compared to what he is capable of creating. He must work with his fellow men to create the complex organism of a civilisation bent on unity. If each micro organism, being individuals, fail to co operate in community spirit for the betterment of the whole, then the whole will never materialise. The complex organism which we shall call a civilization will be incomplete and incoherent. It cannot function or prosper effectively. There will always be the potential for malignant organisms to contaminate, which can result in a diseased civilization. Do you comprehend the message MY ones.

Unity is Oneness and the Whole, derived from the separate parts cordially corresponding with each in cooperative endeavour to create the whole. One individual cannot build this puzzle of life; all forms must participate. When I say all, I mean every living life force, even your elemental world. Co dependence will lead to independence which is in truth freedom.

To achieve independence as a sovereign being you must come to recognise your Oneness with God, work with HIM and live within HIS reign. To achieve a united world each being who recognises his sovereignty must work within the laws given for balance with his fellow men to create a free world.

The time has come when you must erase your perception of yourself as a simple individual, for you are much more than that. Your seeming separation from ME and your fellow men is an ego projection. To move beyond this you must open your mind to the greater force working within you – the similitude of you.

Co dependency with ME will enable you to see the whole or full picture. If you persist in your concept or paradigm of separation you will create a personal independence which is unreal. You cannot be free until you are whole and that wholeness is born only in your perception. As your perception tells you we are separate so too can it be corrected to show you that we are not. The correction comes with an invitation, a desire to know the truth.

True freedom in your material world begins with an understanding of ME and the relationship dynamic we share; and then it translates beyond the personal to the collective as you take ME into your world and allow ME to work within and through you.

I AM saying that Co dependence is the foundation for Independence, both personal and collective.

I retreat to the teaching of MY Son: ‘It is not about survival of the fittest but flourishment of the co operative’. Co- operation leads to enhancement of self and ALL whilst separation will always lead to struggle for survival. Let the goal be true freedom, independence of self and civilization; for this is what governs your ability as a civilization to prosper.

The Source



This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thankyou, Candace.



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