Clean Up In Preparation For What's to Come
By CM thru Hazel
Jan 15, 2013 - 11:50:57 PM

Clean Up In Preparation For What's to Come

Christ Michael thru Hazel

Jan.14, 2013

I ask that during this time you remain focused on the vision presented to you. It is all too easy to allow the vision to fade in light of non-materialisation of events. Refrain from entertaining dubious or delinquent thoughts. Do not allow them to trespass into the domain of your knowing mind.

What you cannot see cannot be put into words. Events are taking place etherically that will soon transpire in your material spheres. You cannot see US working but it does not mean that WE aren’t. You cannot yet see the fruits of OUR labour, but it does not mean you won’t.  Oft times the effort must be invested over a period of time before momentum is gained. As I explained to this scribe when the movement occurs it will not be slow but swift. The wheel shall propel forwards without recess. Do not lose the hope in what you aspire to accomplish, but seek ME to engage with you that you may be given into the knowledge of the steps to be taken to put your mission in order or ‘get it on the road’ as you say.

It is now that you must begin to take the necessary steps toward fulfilment of a greater plan. Let your mind wander to that place where inspiration flows; and seek after your truth of being. What do you wish to accomplish now?  Ask yourself this; ‘What can I accomplish now’? There is much you can do using the energy system available to you as individual sons of God. You have the power to affect change first of all in your personal world. I say, that as part of your preparation you must do so.

Attend to self first. Clear the debris which may be clogging the pores and arteries of your electromagnetic field which disrupts our synergy. Begin to pull out the weeds which hamper your personal progress. Free yourself first and foremost of the limiting aspects of self. Cultivate a daily routine of de-sensitising your ego through sustained connection with ME. As you say ‘practice makes perfect’. Why don’t you try for one day to stay connected in a conscious way with ME.? I mean with MY thought processes, values and virtues. In other words for one entire day and I mean entire day- mirror ME. You know ME well enough or do you?

What do I represent to you? For those who follow ME you should be able to reflect what it is I represent to you. Being part of ‘Team Aton’ requires a very high standard of perspicuity. It requires you to have clear vision of the goal. Now I do not here speak of the earth’s transition. That is inevitability. I speak of the long term goal of building godly people so that the tempo of nobility will reign in the new earthly construct. The building begins now and it begins with self.

Use this time wisely to separate the wheat from the chaff in your inner consciousness and de- pollute your thoughts through a process of ‘thought pattern’ detoxification. Identify that which has been hazardous to your evolution and remit it to the wasteland for transmutation. Resolve to behold a new you, one that seizes perfection; for perfection is the exemplar of Godly synonym.

You are all anchored in ME. See yourselves in the circle of MY light with ME at the centre anchoring you. Now see yourselves extending from ME to stand around the circle. Who stands in the middle? That is who you are. In MY team MY members are ME. They strive ever to reflect ME. Do you think I AM a hard act to follow? It can be no other way dear children. You who have been chosen to serve in MY jurisdiction and you who have chosen to serve MY will, must attain within self a level of Christhood. Does that sound unfamiliar or unachievable?  It is not I assure you.

Why do I come to thee to speak of these things? I remind thee that when the wheel begins to turn there will be no catch up time. You will have to move with the wheel. Thus I say to you exercise your spiritual prerogative and ‘shape up’ so that you ‘keep up’ with the wheel once the momentum becomes noticeable. What is to come will require spiritual sturdiness in the light of the significant stupor which will accost your world. Be ready.

I AM Michael your Sovereign Father of Nebadon and Son of the Most High.



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